Hot Town, Summer in Dublin City

Let me preface this post by stating that in my humble opinion, the Irish love nothing more than talking about the weather. We can have full-blown quick-start discussions about the minutiae of meteorology with complete strangers or with people we’ve known all of our lives. We are obsessed with the weather in this country, and never more so than when we witness what we believe to be “extremes”.

We have had an unprecedentedly decent summer.  Temperatures have ranged in the twenties (this is Celsius for any non-European friends!) persistently for the last couple of months, and oh, how we have rejoiced. Comments of, “We’re back to the summers of our childhood!” and “Sure where would you be going with this weather?” not to mention, “There’s great drying out today!” are among some of the more positive reactions to our heatwave. On the flip-side we are not at all used to it. In the same breath you’ll hear, “I’m ****ing melting!” and “Jaysis, the pollen count!”

And let’s not forget that with our Irish milk-bottle, pale-faced and purple-legged complexions we have a propensity to burn.

Factor 50 please, STAT!

Our Facebook feeds are crammed with joyful status updates, pictures of friends on the beach with a strange, rarely seen great orange ball firmly ensconced in a blue sky in the background, and the gigantic group check-in to the beer garden. Oh, and some sneakily papped pictures of individuals sporting various stages of third to first degree burns, which can’t surprise me at all, considering that our city centre is chockablock with shirtless smack-heads and muffin-topped young ones.

“What’s that weird yoke in the sky!?” (Picture from

The assault to the eyes of some of the scantily-clad aside, I cannot but love this unexpected treat of a summer we are having. This really is the most beautiful country when the sun shines, and a welcome change to the 365 days of rain a year we usually have to endure…

Irish Summer of 2013, I bestow upon thee the coveted (and very first) top mark of 5/5. Tute on sun, tute on!

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  1. No video of the Portmarnock or Howth riots? ;D


  2. Thanks for the follow! I can’t wait to one day walk the streets of Dublin :)


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