Spreading the Word – SGDQ2013

Evening folks! Just a quick one today as it is the weekend (huzzah!) and my muse eludes me when beer o’clock approaches, but I wanted to give a post from What’s Your Tag? a reblog.

Games Done Quick is a totally mental, yet highly entertaining speed-run marathon and raises funds for great causes. If you have the time over the weekend tune in to watch some serious displays of skill as speed runners fly through classic games like Zelda, Mario, DKC, Sonic, Mega Man and Metroid to name but a few, as well as a few more obscure surprises thrown in for good measure.

Enjoy and a happy Friday to all!

What's Your Tag?


Greetings. I wanted to spread the word about a great thing going on right now known as Summer Games Done Quick 2013. This is a five day long marathon of video game speed running put on by Speed Demos Archive and Speed Runs Live, two of the premier speed running communities on the net. 

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