[FILM] The World’s End


The third and final installment of The Cornetto Trilogy; The World’s End brings to a close the stories of quirky, unexpected and novel films that I have enjoyed for years. While not quite bettering Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz in my humble opinion, it was still fiercely enjoyable, with many genuine laugh out loud moments and fantastic performances from a cast who will delight and enrapture. It isn’t difficult to understand why the reviews from my fellow movie bloggers have been primarily positive.

Before we get further into the semantics, let’s have a look at the story. Gary King (Simon Pegg), a once big-shot party-boy of Newtown Haven, England, attempts to gather his old school chums together in order to relive and finally conquer “The Golden Mile”, a pub crawl that encompasses the twelve pubs in their sleepy suburban hometown. After some impressive tall-talk he manages to coerce Steven (Paddy Considine), Peter (Eddie Marsan), Oliver “The Oman” (Martin Freeman) and former BFF Andy (Nick Frost) to reunite and have another crack at the previously undo-able feat twenty years later, when the lads are pretty much pushing forty.

I would like to know if it really was beer they were drinking, because Pegg is the Master of Chug.

I would like to know if it really was beer they were drinking, because Pegg is the Master of Chug.

From the very beginning it is obvious to us that while the group have moved on, grown up, secured successful jobs and started families of their own, former ringleader Gary is stuck in the past. He hasn’t changed from his carefree binge-drinking late teenage years, and still appears to be preoccupied with the pursuit of the ultimate good time. Many before me have commented on the delicious swap of roles here, as Pegg takes on the position of habitual failure with Gary and Frost absolutely shines as he takes on the steady, reliable and financially stable best bud Andy. We’re reminded in The World’s End of just how well they work together, and how much their performances complement each other, no matter how different.

You've got some blue on you.

You’ve got some blue on you.

It isn’t long before the gang begin to realise that all in Newtown Haven isn’t exactly as they’d left it. The story unravels quickly, starting with a hilarious bathroom brawl and culminating in the survivors’ last stand for humanity. The fight scenes are wonderfully done; they are in equal parts funny and impassioned, with the cast displaying an unrealistic but fitting aptitude for Kung Fu and Frost is a powerhouse of rugby tackles and wrestling moves. There are memorable cameo appearances from the likes of Pierce Brosnan and Bill Nighy, and I was even entertained by the love interest addition of Rosamund Pike. She normally annoys me.



It’s not perfect by any means and it gets monumentally bizarre in places. But somehow, even with the extraordinary premise, it works, almost as well as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz did. It won’t end in the way you’d expect it to either, but it’s a fun ride all the same. Plus the soundtrack is brilliant.


IMDB Rating: 7.9
Do I agree?: Pretty much. My favourite comedy this year.


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30 replies

  1. Went to see this the other night with the OH we both really liked it. Not as good as Shaun of the Dead we agreed but still great fun!


  2. Great review! Loved this one. Still can’t believe I haven’t gotten around to scribbling out a review yet!! lol. I think I’m just going to recycle all the good ideas i’ve seen here and on a few other pages. . . . :P


  3. Great review I loved it. You have me curious about this movie. I’ve never heard of it until now


    • Cheers mate! Yeah this one actually came under the radar for me too, even though I’m a fan of the team behind it. Didn’t know anything about it at all until I saw a trailer. If you liked Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz then I’d definitely recommend it, similar comedy.


  4. Good review. A lot of fun that deserves to be watched in a big crowd, especially if you had a couple of drinks here and there as well.


  5. Weakest of the three films IMO. Not that it was a bad film by any means. I just found it a bit darker and dare I say more mature?


    • Yes I’d definitely agree with that. You could really tell that in a way the cast could relate to the revisiting of the old stomping ground theme; all forty-ish, all a bit more grown-up and while The World’s End had a similar humour to the others, it did indeed feel a bit more mature. Especially with the direction the ending took. Repercussions and all that!


  6. I’m looking forward to checking this out as I loved Shaun of the Dead & Hot Fuzz.


  7. Really liked the film too. Would love to watch it a second time as a drinking game


  8. I loved this movies. I was excited to see it and I enjoyed every moment of it. I agree it’s not perfect, but it’s fantastic.

    In fact, I think watching all three in a row will be my plan for next week, a Cornetto Trilogy Week hahahaha


  9. Pegg was on Jonathon Ross last night, and to answer your question, it was fake beer they were drinking.


  10. Hey, V. I agree, this was the weakest of the “trilogy.” But it was still fun to watch. Also, I saw this at the drive-in movie theater, so any movie tends to be more entertaining to me because of that. And as I wrote in my blog, my most memorable, movie moment of “The World’s End” is the scene when Pegg and Frost were verbally battling the alien honcho for the human race’s existence. An R-rated, verbal battle : ) Captains Kirk/Picard would be proud…and a bit shocked.


    • LOL! I very much enjoyed that scene myself, it was so unexpected. We’re expecting this epic showdown, a battle of words and wit, but what we get is so much better, so much more true to character and as a result, hilarious. :D

      I wish we had drive-in theaters here, I’d just love that.


      • There used to be a few drive-ins in Long Island when I was younger and didn’t know about them, and of course no drive-ins in NYC as far as I know during the time I started driving. So I have to go to upstate NY where there are still a few left. The one that I go to has double features, and costs $9 per person for both movies! The audio can be heard through your car’s stereo or any portable radio that can pick up FM.


        • That sounds like so much fun. I like too that they’ve embraced a bit of modern technology and you can actually hear the audio through your own car’s soundsystem. $9 is a great price too, much, much cheaper than regular cinemas here.


  11. Rosamund Pike annoys me too! I liked The Worlds End but thought the action was much better than the jokes. There weren’t enough funny bits for me



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