FEAR & Losing in Las Vegas

Is there any worse combination? Firstly, my apologies for my absence this last week. Please don’t think I was being rude if I haven’t responded to or visited you in a while; I was away gambling my future hypothetical child’s college fund on red and busting on blackjack. Needless to say I have much to catch up on here.

I had a wonderful time in Las Vegas, drinking my body weight, riding the New York New York rollercoaster after feeds of Long Island Ice Teas and Harvey Wallbangers, seeing shows, eating steaks, getting burnt and freckled by the pool, watching the Bellagio’s fountain show while singing about ‘Murica, jazz-handing in every photo and celebrating my OH’s milestone of turning thirty. Those of you who are buddies with me on the bookface can check out some of the debauched pictures my “friends” have tagged me in.

I’m back in rainy old Ireland now and suffering from The FEAR*. To cheer myself up I’ve decided to spruce up The Spew a little. Now instead of BAM! – WALL OF TEXT! that you have to scroll through to get to a post that might interest you (and if you don’t like The Walking Dead my verbal spewage of 5,000 words is a pain to get through) you get BAM! – WALL OF TITLES! that you can pick and choose from as your lovely heart desires. At least it’s somewhat organised and everything is wrapped up in a neat little package. I do hope you like.

I’m supposed to be heading to a friend’s Halloween party tonight but after 20+ hours of travel time all I want to do is put my fluffy pajamas on, pop a happy pill and take a nap.


* From Urban Dictionary:

“The Fear” is the sense that you have done yourself some lasting damage after a night of drinking. It’s symptoms are:
– A feeling that you are going to die soon (and not just due to other hangover symptoms);
– A sense that people or organizations are out to get you;
– Angst that you may have offended, inappropriately touched or physically attacked someone the night before;
– Foreboding about the next time you meet the people or return to the bar where you degraded yourself the previous night.
The fear is often accompanied by “The Remorse” where you are also genuinely ashamed and sorry for the way you have behaved, as well as simply frightened for the sake of your own well-being.
Yup, pretty much sums it up! Except that I’m not sorry. Not sorry at all. I’ll be back with some reviews soon, until then, have a nice weekend all!

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36 replies

  1. A women can lose a lot of money in Vegas…


  2. Haha THE FEAR!!! Sounds fun, glad you had a good time :D

    Now rest.


  3. I wouldn’t mind a happy pill myself after a week of the stomach flu. Your week sounded so much better than mine, except that FEAR part :)


  4. I’m so glad that you had a good time in Vegas. I’m certain that your visit will always be remembered as one of the most entertaining points in Vegas history.

    Don’t spend much time dwelling on the “FEAR”. I learned eons ago that once it’s done, it’s done. At that point, you have two options…revel in whatever fragments of the memory that you can conjure up or try to remember not to do it again. As long as no major laws were broken and no one was hurt, fear and remorse aren’t worth the emotion.

    Just remember, have fun now while you’re young. When you get to be my age, cutting loose takes on a whole new meaning. Toby Keith knows what I’m talking about.


    • Sound advice. I’m pretty sure I didn’t break any laws, although I did come home with an ice tongs, various Luxor pyramid shaped soaps, slim jim glasses and a towel in my suitcase. You’re supposed to steal from the hotel though. :D

      All The FEAR really is is a comedown from excessive alcohol. Makes you paranoid and us Irish are often heard to proclaim that we’re “dying” when in the throes of it. Sometimes it’s warranted but most of the time it isn’t. Unfortunately, as you get older, The FEAR’s lifespan increases. What took me an hour and a full Irish breakfast to defeat when I was nineteen now takes me two days of bed rest and gives me an extreme social media aversion. Though Toby Keith knows what he’s talking about. I don’t want to grow up, JF!


      • I remember nineteen, almost…I think. If you figure out how to avoid the “getting older” thing, let me know. I may be passed my prime, but being able to stop the passage of time in its tracks still has an appeal.

        I’m glad you recovered! Ireland is estactic to have you back and Vegas is mourning the loss.


  5. I love the new layout! And I’m glad you had a blast in your trip, so welcome back! :)


  6. I did wonder where you’d gone. Sounds like an awesome trip, you should post some of the more…decent pics here hahahaha.

    Almost double checked the URL when I got here, didn’t recognize the layout. I like the new one a lot!


  7. Welcome back to Europe. Good to hear that you had a fab time in Vegas. Gambling and drinking ones body weight in boozie is probably not a good idea hehe. Nice new layout btw.


  8. Last time I was in Vegas I got married so at least you dodged that bullet.


    • My family were convinced I’d come home married. If I ever was to bite that bullet, Vegas would definitely be the way I’d want to do it. Go to pawn shop, buy a ring, get married in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with Elvis muzak in the background. BOOM! Romance.


  9. Good to have you back in action V, liking the new look for TVS!


  10. LOL sounds like you had fun! I’ve been to Vegas but I am not a gambler. My friend took me out there to see the Cirque de Soleil Beatles show, which was amazing, and then as a joke another friend bought us tickets to Thunder from Downunder. Good times. I think we played one slot machine to check it off our bucket list, then we just went into a store and traded our money for physical goods and food instead.

    I also bought a hat! Though it ended up being too small for my head…but it looked just like John Lennon’s hat in Hard Day’s Night so silly me refused to leave the store without it.


    • I would have loved to have seen the Cirque de Soleil Beatles show. Or the new Michael Jackson one. Also, Carlos Santana is starting a residency there next month, was raging about my timing.

      So much smarter to trade your money for goods and foods instead of gambling it all away. Admittedly though gambling is what makes my heart beat faster in Vegas. That and all the flashing lights and the DING DING DINGs of all the machines, serious sensory overload.

      Hats + Vegas = Win. You should clip your John Lennon hat onto the top of your head and walk around nodding greetings to strangers, telling them you like their hat, even if they’re not wearing one. In a Liverpudlian accent. :D


  11. Glad you had a good time! Sorry you didn’t walk away with a ton of cash though :[. But at least you got a hat :].


    • Thanks! I’m sorry too, I could have struck the big time and given up work forever to sit around and watch movies and play games all day. The hat was a consolation though. ;D


    • Thanks! I’m sorry too, I could have struck the big time and given up work forever to sit around and watch movies and play games all day. The hat was a consolation though. ;D


  12. Hi V, love the new look blog. Thanks for the like on the Walking Dead dog post.


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