[TV] The Fall Roundup – HIT or MISS? (Revisited)

Back at the beginning of the Fall TV season I wrote a round-up of all of the shows, both new and returning, that I would be tuning in to (click for Part Uno and Part Deux of same). Well, Winter has finally come, and that list looks a little different in this cold, harsh and waning light of the chilly silly season. I thought I’d write up a quick reprise instead of starting my Christmas shopping.

Below is my review and breakdown of some of the returning and new shows. If you haven’t yet seen a specific entry and intend to, skip it and read on by, because there will be SPOILERS.

  • Dropped like a tepid potato:

Revenge – If you’ve read my rather scathing review of Revenge then this will come as no surprise. I didn’t give the new season a chance because I didn’t want to. At all. Tuning in for more episodes of this ridiculous dross would be akin to masturbating with sandpaper. No thanks.
Verdict: MISS.

Hush now Emily, don't cry. We'll meet again if you're ever in anything decent.

Hush now Emily, don’t cry. We’ll meet again if you’re ever in anything decent.

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland – Again, qu’elle suprise. I wasn’t sold on the opening episode at all, and not even the lure of Lost’s Sayid as Jafar could pull me back in for repeat viewing. I’ve heard nothing positive about it since, in fact, I don’t think I’ve heard anything about it at all. Is anyone actually still watching this? Or is it so bad that viewing must be kept a deep, dark secret, like people who hide away in their rooms and fiddle with themselves while listening to One Direction?
Verdict: MISS.

The Tomorrow People – I wanted this one to be good, I really did. I missed Heroes and Alphas, and as I’ve said before I had a mutant-shaped hole in my heart that I needed to fill. I got two episodes in and I gave up. Win some, lose some.
Verdict: MISS.

  • Get back in your box:

The Vampire Diaries & The Originals – I haven’t given up on either, per se, but I’m just not really interested in spending what little free time I have for my weekly watchables on them. I stuck on the second episode of this latest season of The Vampire Diaries the other night, got about fifteen minutes in and turned it off in frustration. I made myself a nutella sandwich and watched Despicable Me 2 instead. It’s not that I don’t like The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, they’re just so samey and there isn’t enough to keep me coming back every week without fail. Instead I think they’ll lend themselves better to binge viewing, which I have a tentative plan to do over the break.
Verdict: MISS.



  • When Will I See You Again?

Arrow – My favourite show at the moment; Arrow‘s Season 2 has gone from strength to strength and comes out on top of my list. What with more island back-story, the addition of a squillion new characters and more shirtless Amell, it really has been so entertaining. If you haven’t yet seen Arrow, you simply must. I insist.
Verdict: HIT.



The Walking Dead – In a return to former Walking Dead form, this season too has been a pleasant improvement on the last. I am eager to see where the newly split groups end up, what happens to them and who’ll be left holding Baby Judith. I also hope more people die. Hershell’s death has made me numb to any possible character pain. I genuinely do think everyone should die in the end, except for Daryl of course. The last few episodes will see him all alone, shooting things in the woods and making more walker necklaces while fanboys and girls the world over drool on themselves and dedicate more fanfiction to him.
Verdict: HIT.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – I started out quietly hopeful about this one, knowing that potentially it could grow into something really good. I’ve been disappointed thus far, but I’m still sticking with it, waiting for it to find its groove. The fact that I dislike the majority of the characters does not help matters and might skew my objectivity, so I’ll probably wait until the first season’s completion before I review it fully.

Once Upon A Time – Not really sure why I’m still watching this but I tune in on a semi-regular basis. Just as I was getting to the point when I didn’t think I could look at the same Neverland scenery anymore (seriously, that had to have been the most limited set I’ve ever seen) Henry finally pulls out his own heart (OUAT fans rejoice) and nearly dies. Cue more “we have to go over here now”  and exiting stage left like a school play. Then they get Henry’s heart back (OUAT fans despair) and they use a shadow to fly a pirate’s ship home. Wait though! Peter Pan is back and he bodysnatches Henry, meaning there will be more of that awful child actor as he’s given the opportunity to play an evil manchild. (OUAT fans feel like hanging themselves and contemplate tuning out). Ah well, on the positive side, there’s still Hook.

Peter Penry.

Peter Penry.

  • Welcome to the inner circle:

Dracula – I’m only four episodes in, but I like it. I’m a fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ and this take on everyone’s favourite original vampire works, and the overall sexy, lusty atmosphere created is enchanting. I’m just at the part where Renfield gets kidnapped, so don’t say anything, but they’d better not hurt that big chocolate bear. I’ll have more on this one another time, but suffice it to say that it works more than it doesn’t.

Almost Human – It’s a sci-fi buddy-cop show! But it’s not your typical buddy-cop set-up, because one of them is a ROBOT. That’s right, a cheeky robot with Data’s emotion chip who sings my favourite Elton John song, B-B-B-Bennie and the Jets. I wasn’t a big advocate of the fourth episode but this has potential and it has Karl Urban, so for now, I’m totally sold.

They even have sex bots! "Is it the future yet?" Asks every man I know.

They even have sex bots! “Is it the future yet?” Asks every man I know.

  • Soon, we’ll be together:

Also on the menu for my binge watch this Christmas is: Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Hell on Wheels, Revolution and The Blacklist. Five will get you ten that I’ll have at least one bedsore by New Year’s Eve.


What have you been watching? Do you agree or disagree with any of the above? As always, I want to know!


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  1. I’m horrible w/ tv shows as I never manage to be disciplined on watching them. I did see the pilots for ALMOST HUMAN and loved it! I might try to catch up tonight if time permits, gotta love Karl Urban!


    • I love me some KUrban too, Ruth! I do happily recommend Almost Human, it’s a nice watch. Hope you enjoy!


      • Are you caught up on all AH episodes so far? I really like the premise and the rapport between the two buddy cops. Urban is just gorgeous! ;)


        • I’ll be watching the latest (fifth) episode tonight. I wasn’t going to put it on the list because I wasn’t up to date but I couldn’t exclude it, it’s too much fun. The rapport is what makes it for me, for sure, every time they banter back and forth I have this big dopey grin on my face. :D


  2. It’s scary how much we agree on stuff!


  3. I certainly think Revenge is better this season than last, but I can’t blame you for quitting. It’s a shame it could not recapture that soapy fun of the first season, but I’m still watching. The only one I’ve seen I’d really disagree with here is probably The Originals. I think TVD has been kind of a mess since the start of Season 4, but The Originals is really working for me so far. Liking Almost Human so far, but wish it had some kind of overarching storyline ala Fringe. Still it is a fun time. The two leads are just a blast together.

    I’m behind on Arrow and Dracula, but like what I have seen so far of those. I still need to watch the midseason finale of TWD, so can’t really read why its been a hit for you. I think its an improvement over last season, but still only solid. But without watching the finale, its hard to make a good judgment on it. Need to finish it up! Fun blog!


    • The second season of Revenge wasn’t great at all, to be honest it has been losing me since then. I was happy enough when I heard that season three would be a return to form, but I didn’t think I could wait it out. I enjoyed the first season so much, it’s a shame. As for The Originals, it did pique my interest, but it just fell by the wayside. I will most likely revisit it and watch it all in one big lump when I have the time!

      TWD is an improvement on last season I think, I’m enjoying this one so much more. There have been mixed reviews on the mid-season finale, I thought it had some great action but others seem to believe it’s too little, too late. I’ll be curious to hear what you think of it yourself when you do watch it!

      Thanks for stopping by and for the comment. ;D


  4. wasn’t there a comedy series back in the 70s about a cop whose partner was a robot? and “The Tomorrow People”? Is that a rehash of the old British scifi series?


  5. You will love Blacklist. It is so good. We really have been spoilt for TV this fall. And I see that most of the seasons I didn’t bother with, you have confirmed were pretty terrible. I haven’t missed out on anything, so phew…


    • We really have been spoiled, we seem to be in a bit of another golden age for TV with some excellent talent transitioning from the big screen to the little. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into Blacklist, I’ve heard really good things, specifically from yourself!


  6. “Is it the future yet?”

    Shhhh. Don’t tell Linda I asked.


  7. As much as I like the idea of sex bots, i’m more excited by lightsabers and hoverboards in the future. And I want a robot arm and a robotic left eye.

    I’m going to watch Arrow just because of you. Also because Ive run out of sandpaper to masturbate with

    Great post V! :)


    • This one has a robotic leg Mikey! Although yeah, have to admit lightsabers are definitely my cup of tea too. As for Arrow, I love it, though the first season took a couple of episodes to hook me. I’m not entirely sure how you feel about the superhero thing, so I’ll be curious to learn what you think of it.


  8. I love Bennie and the Jets too :]. Elton John is the man. I put him right under Steve Perry on my all time favs. Anyways, I’m about to get into Arrow mainly because of all the positive things I’ve read about it :]


    Exactly what he should have said after he killed the driver…OH wait, he can still tell Oliver! I GOTTA CALL THE WRITERS!!!
    And I know Emily of Revenge fame will be in THE WINTER SOLDIER as possibly Peggy’s–Cap’s busty, almost girlfriend :(—daughter. BUT it’s all being kept HUSH HUSH by Marvel until March at least…


    • REALLY!? This is news, kind of music to my ears, because despite my lack of lurve for Revenge Emily is actually alright in my book. Interesting news Matt, very interesting! Thank you for that!

      Mid-season finale of Arrow tonight, oh the excites.


      • Very much excited for the mid-season finale too :)
        Favorite moment of this season so far is when Oliver takes out The Count without ANY HESITATION when he’s about to inject Felicity.
        What’s been yours so far?


        • The Count’s death was awesome. And that big reveal of a certain person an episode ago… :D The cuteness of Felicity and Barry is adorable too. Poor Slade on the island… :o


          • Ah yeah I loved Barry…until he started hittin on my woman Felicity! AH HELL NAW SON! That’s my girl!!! You done crossed the fu#$in line boy! (And then I tackled my TV…I need a new one now…stupid Barry)


            • LOL! Oh noooes! What will you do when Olly and Felicity eventually smooch?! :o


              • I’ll join the cast before then as Olly’s tiny Mexican amigo…um…Jorge? and stop them!!!
                just kidding! nah I’m actually looking forward to seeing them as a couple. I like their chemistry :)
                I mean it’s that OR Oliver hooks up with Digg….8/…nah, Here’s to Feliver…or Olicity? idk


  10. Karl Urban is in Almost Human? Sold! I loved him as Dredd, and he’s the only one I could at all stand in the first Abrams Star Trek film; his McCoy doesn’t get nearly as much love as it should. I am worried though how much this just sounds like Alien Nation.

    I too am very unimpressed with Shield so far, but I know that these were the showrunners behind Dollhouse, which was too much of a slow burn so viewers lost interest. What with surely another season guaranteed from ratings and the high-profile nature of Marvel right now, they will hopefully last long enough for it to get interesting. But so far, meh. My only liking Coulson and May out of the whole cast doesn’t help either.


    • Same here! KUrban needs more recognition I think, he really was great in Star Trek and perfect as Dredd. Do check out Almost Human if you get the chance, I think you’d enjoy it.

      Coincidence – I only like Coulson and May in SHIELD too. I just can’t bring myself to enjoy anyone else, they’re nowhere near as interesting. Dollhouse was indeed a slow-burner, but I have to be honest, I liked that from the very start and didn’t require a season to appreciate the show’s direction. I’m confident though, like yourself, that SHIELD will get plenty of continued opportunity to wow us a little more. Hopefully it will start to come into its own before the first season wraps up.


  11. WHO’S YO DADDY!? Haha love that show, best one on :D

    I have to disagree about the Tomorrow People though, it gets pretty damn good. Really liking it at the minute. If you can try and give it another chance :D


  12. Arrow is totally my favorite show at the moment as well! I am really impressed with how they are moving the plot along. It just keeps getting better.



  13. Almost Human and The Blacklist are the only new shows I’m watching. I tried Shield for a while, but I wasn’t very impressed.


    • SHIELD isn’t really hitting the mark at all, Maz. Almost Human has been enjoyable though, and I’m looking forward to The Blacklist. What returning shows have you been watching?


  14. Blacklist – Awesome
    Sons of Anarchy – Good
    Revolution – Astoundingly bad
    Hell on Wheels – Seasons 1 & 2 were good, but season 3 bored the hell off me…

    You should add Grimm to that list :)

    I agree with you more and more on Shield lately, I keep watching it but the episode quality drops every other week.

    As for The Vampire Diaries & Originals, TVD is terrible this season, just freaking terrible…I keep watching it but the story-lines have become dull, unexciting and unoriginal. Originals on the other hand still has potential, and it’s had some fantastic episodes, but the writers seem to want to retread the same ground over and over again. I will give each of them until their season finale to decide if I’ll keep watching them next year…if they get renewed that is.

    P.S. Where are the links to my Tomorrow People & Wonderland reviews? hahahahahaha


    • Revolution – How far did you get into it? I’ve been told by a few people now that it takes a while to reach its stride, but then it sucks you in. I watched the very first episode myself on its release and I thought it was awful. But it has Gus Fring in it, so I might give it another go.

      I will add Grimm to the list!

      I think I’m finally kicking TVD habit, I just don’t really feel compelled to get back into it at all. The Originals I will give a whirl, purely on your earlier recommendation.

      P.S. I will add them to related articles! Actually meant to do that originally. ;P


  15. The Blacklist is incredibly entertaining, in the Person of Interest kind of way. And let’s face it, anything that gives James Spader the opportunity to play the most charming, charismatic and smart international terrorist is a winner for me!


    • Agreed! I’ll always have time for the original Dr. Jackson. ;D I’m seriously looking forward to The Blacklist now, everyone has been so positive about it. Not sure if I can wait until the break to start it. Cheers for stopping by, Cathy!


  16. Next week is the season finale of Little People, Big World, so I’m bummed about that. I do need to binge watch this past season of Boardwalk Empire, and I have all the Homeland episodes recorded but I just don’t care and probably will just delete them.


    • I had to google that Brian, we don’t get that here. We should have our own version. I’m looking forward to my Boardwalk binge. Haven’t even finished watching the first season of Homeland yet.


  17. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Please check http://voidrpg.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=339&action=edit&message=6&postpost=v2 for the details! Congratulations on your award!!


  18. I ignored Arrow when it first started, so I have to watch the whole thing. It sounds great! Shield has been okay. I like the characters, mostly, but the show is too safe. Like they’re afraid to take on too much. There’s probably a plan, though. Dracula is excellent! I’ve seen six episodes. And I think Almost Human is a little formulaic, but the chemistry with the two partners is really good. And Karl’s the man. I’ve not seen Walking Dead much. I know, sacrilege! But someday I will watch it. I just don’t like following TV shows, because there’s too many episodes. I wish they did everything as just really cool miniseries so they would have an ending. It’s a problem for me to commit to a show for years and years. Damn, this is a long comment. I should have done it as a post….
    Great job, V!


    • Agreed with pretty much everything you’ve said. I also like the “everything should be mini-series” idea. I’ve thought that a few times while watching stretched out, thin TV content. I don’t mind investing in a TV series though if I know it’s not going to just up and leave me one fine day without any warning because it wasn’t making enough dollar.

      You should do a TV post ;P.


  19. Let me be the second vote for The Tomorrow People. :) Maybe I had lower expectations but it’s a fun show that gives the core characters their back stories right away. I do have some nitpicks with it’s mid-season finale but I think it’s an under-appreciated show.

    I’m catching up on Almost Human. I watched the 4th episode yesterday and it wasn’t that strong (I’m not into procedural case of the week) but overall I’m liking the show especially the buddy cop chemistry and the inventive use of technology. I noticed some of the city landmarks & buildings looked really familiar albeit CGI enhanced, and discovered it’s filmed in my home town!


    • Another trusted fellow blogger recommendation! I wonder will I be eating my words soon!

      Yes agreed on ep 4 of Almost Human, I thought it was the weakest so far. I think though things will be starting out as “case of the day” “freak of the week”, but there’ll be an overall arc kicking in at some stage. Can’t believe it’s filmed in your home town! Where’s that? Some of the shots look amazing. Thanks for stopping by and weighing in. :)


  20. I caught the Almost Human pilot, i really enjoyed it. Quality Visual effects throughout.


  21. I took kind of a TV break so I’m still lingering in the Season 3 of Once Upon A Time. I watched 3 eps of TVD, haven’t started The Originals. I’ve been reading mixed reviews about TVD though, I think another blogger (I can’t remember who) said there was a kickass mid season finale. So that has me hyped up. I’m with you on the Agents of SHIELD and thats probably why I stopped at the 4th ep and haven’t gone back to watch more. I think about it but either turn on a movie on continue on with Once Upon a Time. Neil and Hook have me coming back for more..haha!
    Still, thats what my week off during the holidays will be about, partially. :)


    • Hooked on Hook! He’s one of the few aspects of OUAT that draws me back. I like the chemistry between him and Emma, but then I think that the guy has so much charisma that he’d probably have chemistry with one of those papier mache jungle rocks. :D I like Neil too though, have to say.
      Enjoy your week off and TV catch up! Interesting news about TVD mid-season finale, looks like there might have been some much needed action there.


  22. I meant to comment on this earlier but I forgot! Here goes…Have been watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, The Tomorrow People, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Almost Human. I got pretty far into the first two, but I think I have given up on them. They’re just…not keeping my interest. Arrow is my new obsession! I tore through season one and I’m catching up on season two now. SO GOOD. Also, Stephen Amell. Mmmm. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be, but I’m going to stick with it for now. If they don’t reveal more about Coulson soon, I’m going to scream. And Almost Human is pretty good so far! I think I could get into it. American Horror Story: Coven has been my favorite show of the season, and I’ve grown surprisingly fond of Sleepy Hollow! Excellent Roundup! :)


    • Arrow is AMAZE. It’s been my new favourite TV show since Breaking Bad left me. How far into it are you? I’d love to be watching it all together one after another for the first time.
      Totally agree about Coulson. He’s one of the few who is actually interesting, so it’s time to give the fans what they want and spill the Coulson beans!
      Would you recommend American Horror Story? I haven’t seen any of that. Will add Sleepy Hollow to the list too, thanks Cara!


      • I just finished either the fourth or fifth episode of season two of Arrow. It’s great watching it all together! Prime binge viewing. I would TOTALLY recommend American Horror Story. The third season has been ridiculously good, but the first season is also fantastic. The second isn’t quite as good in my opinion, but still pretty great. Do you know how the seasons work? Each one is basically its own separate thing. Look into it. In my opinion, it’s one of the best shows on television. And yeah give Sleepy Hollow a shot, too! :)


        • I will definitely check out American Horror Story. I was unsure of the way it worked actually, I’d thought everything was stand alone. I’ll get my hands on season one and give it a watch. Looking forward to it!


          • I hope you like it!! You’ll have to let me know. The nice thing is though the story and setting and characters are all different each season, a lot of the same actors come back. So if you grow particularly fond of any of the actors, you might get to see them again in a brand new role the next season. :)


            • I like the sound of that. It’s good to see characters I like return, and also, characters I don’t like so much go bye bye… :D
              I’ll be sure to let you know!


            • I highly, highly recommend American Horror Story and second caragale’s comments about it. There aren’t a lot of shows that keep my attention like that show. I just finished Season 2 and I’m excited for Season 3 to be available to watch online once it’s finally finished. Just a quick overview of the seasons (though it might be obvious from the titles), Season 1 is about a cursed house, Season 2 an insane asylum, and Season 3 a coven.

              I’ve been wanting to do a review, but this season has been so hectic that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and freshly think about it enough to flesh out a post. Yes, Season 2 was a bit all over the place, but still really great. Apparently they cut a few characters for some reason after filming them, and some of the storylines feel a bit stunted and others over-busy. The filmography is stunning. Lana’s story arc is so Hitchcock-esque and addictive, and Jessica Lange’s acting is nothing short of incredible. There aren’t enough actors out there with her skills. If for nothing else, watch Season 2 for Sister Jude. Haunting. And Frances Conroy’s characters in both seasons give me the willies. She creeps me the hell out.

              I think this show is the new X-Files, in terms of quality of storytelling, acting, and filmography. It’s got the right grit and appeal. Kindof crazy when you realize it’s by the same people that created Glee.


              • Well if that isn’t a glowing (and frankly, irresistible) recommendation then I don’t know what is. How could I refuse to check this out after the two of you sold it to me so completely!

                I’d heard reports of a dodgy season two alright, though I didn’t read much more than general opinion because I knew there might be a chance that I’d get around to this one and I hate it when I spoil things for myself. I can go into watching this now knowing nothing other than the fact I’ll enjoy it. And even if season two isn’t up to one’s standard, at least I know there’ll be Jessica Lange!


  23. Also. Yeah, I tried a few episodes of Revenge and realized it wasn’t for me. It’s a bit like how I felt about Damages, though Glenn Close is a great actress. Revenge just feels so stilted and unrealistic, like a soap-opera with better production value. The things the characters say and do just feel so… over-specific. I think I must’ve missed your review of it, I should probably go read it…

    Couldn’t get through an episode of Agents of SHIELD, though I usually like anything Joss Whedon does. Except for The Avengers.

    Definitely with you on your Hits too. Dracula is enjoyable though I think they’re being a little irresponsible with the lives of some of the characters, and I haven’t caught Almost Human yet, but want to see it. And Once Upon a Time is enjoyable in the same way that Halloween candy is enjoyable. Vampire Diaries too. You eat too much of it and then you look down at yourself and see an embarrassing amount of empty candy wrappers… There are a few very disposable main characters on that show, which irks me… a lot. But Jennifer Morrison and Rumplestiltskin carry that show, and Hook is ridiculously handsome.


    • You’re dead right about Revenge. Damages I thought had a promising start but I never actually finished the first season. Revenge has just gone too soap opera for me to enjoy. Don’t get me wrong I do love a bit of drama and mystery in my shows, but also with a side of realism please.

      As for SHIELD I can actually understand why you can’t get through an episode. There doesn’t seem to be anything there; no punch to make you stay tuned in.

      Almost Human is worth checking out, it won’t blow you away but it has the same kind of appeal as a few of the others, and it’s fun!


  24. Loving Arrow too and look forward to seeing what they do with the Flash series. Excited about the forthcoming Gotham series as well which’ll follow a young not-yet-Commissioner Jim Gordon. Shame SHIELD isn’t living up to it’s premise but you never know where it might go.

    Looking forward to seeing Almost Human!


    • I’d definitely recommend Almost Human to you Chris, think you’d like it! I’ve a good few episodes of SHIELD to catch up on, even with the break they took. Just goes to show you really, because when I like a show (Arrow, for example) I usually can’t wait for the next episode and never fall behind.

      Looking forward to hearing more about the Gotham series too, our superheroes need more grit. The Marvel guys are far too family friendly these days, hopefully we’ll get some more action with their DC counterparts.



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