[NEWS] The Sunday Spew (15th December 2013)

I ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY’S WATCHING AERIE – Thanks to Edward Snowden, for the first half of this week everyone had been talking about those nosy devils, the NSA, and how they’ve been spying on our Warlocks and Warriors in World of Warcraft. For Microsoft’s response to the allegations that the surveillance protocols in place included X-Box Live, check out JohnHeatz.com for some conclusive coverage on the ignominious matter.

In a positively TRAILER-TASTIC week we got further treats for the eyes in the shape of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow and Interstellar. The excitement. What movie are you most looking forward to in 2014?

MY EYES, THE GOGGLES DO NOTHING – The frame-rate related headaches continue as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug was released this week. For a superb review of same that I simply cannot hope to emulate despite best efforts, check out Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews. And for a review equal in general brilliance and one I happen to concur wholeheartedly with, read all about Caz’s thoughts over at Let’s Go To The Movies.

ME NEM NESA – In more Bats Vs Supe news we hear that Khal Drogo himself, Jason Momoa, may be joining the bulging castlist. Speculation suggests he may be taking on the role of possibly Martian Manhunter, or Doomsday. I had little to say about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman casting, but I’ll have much more to say about Jason Momoa. Unfortunately none of you will understand it as my opinion is articulated not by words, but by grunts reminiscent of the Dothraki language.

MOTHER OF SAVIOURS – Emilia Clarke, the other half of that cosplayed power couple, has been cast as Sarah Connor in Alan Taylor’s Terminator reboot. We should also expect to see the brief return of Arnie himself, with termination to begin in July 2015.

And finally, in news that is set to make Baby Jesus cry, we hear reports of plans to make A NAKED GUN REBOOT, starring Ed Helms. No. JUST NO.

In Spew news this week I once again matched last week’s best with one post, this one a TV related offering as I revisited my previous HIT or MISS concept for this year’s Fall Round-Up. My thanks this Sunday to Drakulus, who very kindly nominated me for the Versatile and Blog of the Year Awards, to Play Legit, Ash from IAAW Videogame Blog, Tom from MUSIC & MOVIES CAFÉ, VOID, Murr from Geek.Sleep.Rinse.Repeat and Beer and Joysticks for the Sunshine Awards, to JohnHeatz for more recognition in the form of my second Blog of the Year Award and to my Venezuelan pal who is almost as Irish as I am, Caoimhín from The Mental Attic, for his WordPress Family Award and for giving me my third Blog of the Year gong. I’ve said this often folks, but I continue to be overwhelmed by the kindness shown and the support gifted to me by this wonderful community. Go raibh míle maith agaibh!

And now for my favourite part of The Sunday Spew, my shout-out to a few fantabulous bloggers who entertained me this week with their fantabulous posts. Unfortunately I’m working this one from memory because I forgot to write anything down.

The Mental Attic published an interesting and titillating article on The Seduction of Horror. Fellow Irish blogger janeybgood from Cupid or Cats tickled most of my many funny bones with I dare you to…, a forfeit-filled memory post of her first holiday abroad as a teenager. The gang over at Play Legit have been running their Best Games of 2013 Mega-Vote, so get over there and have your say.

Kieron from What About The Twinkie?, in a display of such taste that the internet nearly imploded, posted his list of Favourite Christmas Movies. Dylan from treatmentofvisions talks prequel delight (or lack thereof) in The Third Nerd Triathlon: The Force Will Be With You… Always? Oracle of Film‘s Luke explores the Three Trends With All Christmas Songs and Drakulus takes on my favourite series of games; Mass Effect. Check out his Mass Effect 3 review here. There were a hell of a lot more that I wanted to mention this evening but I have a head like a sieve to be honest. I promise to get you next week.

Due to the inclement weather we’ve experienced here this weekend, and with the wind bellowing, battering and buffeting the house all social engagements were universally declared to be not worth the pain of venturing outside. So myself and the OH got reacquainted with the couch, a bottle of wine and settled down for a cosy night in by the fire to watch some movies. He happily snored away while I watched Clear and Present Danger, which was on the terrestrial box. I’d forgotten how bloody long it was but I enjoyed a youngish Harrison Ford nonetheless.

The tree was decorated this weekend too. Not by me personally, but I do approve. Instead of a glimmering star or a pretty Christmas tree fairy adorning the tippy-top of our beautiful faux pine, we have Mr. Hankey, a seasonal poo.



Have you anything to add? Tell me your news below!

As is tradition, I will now leave you with a little something something from my Pictures of Pugs in Costumes Collection. I give you…



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46 replies

  1. teehee!! A seasonal poo hahah. I literally laughed out loud at that one. That’s great.


  2. Go raibh mile maith agat! We could totally talk in code if that wasn’t the extent of my 13 years of Irish.


  3. Agree with you on the reboot of Naked Gun! It is not needed to do one!


  4. A seasonal poo tree topper. Awesome.

    And Interstellar. That’s the 2014 flick to which I’m looking most forward.


  5. A really great post as always. Congrats on the all the many awards. Yours really is one of the best blogs around :) And I really hope Ed Helms and co realise the error of their ways. I love the naked Gun trilogy.and it should never be remade!!!!!


    • Thank you Alex! I’d love to see Helms and Co. realise the error of their ways, and they most probably will, but the money will no doubt assuage their guilt at the thought of the real Frank Drebin rolling over in his grave. ;)


      • I know Airplane has more jokes but the first Naked Gun is still my favourite of Leslie Nielsen. And the next two are super fun too. Maybe if I put my hand over my ears and go ‘nanananananana’ it won’t happen.

        On a different note, is there any film you would like to see remade?


        • To be honest it really has been an era of reboots, I don’t think I want to see any more of them. With the Naked Gun reboot I’ll just let my feet do the talking and not see it, hopefully (I’m guessing this might be the case) most of our generation will feel the same way.

          I did like the Batman and Spiderman reboots, I thought there was an audience for those. Though I’m still undecided about Terminator. I’m not sure that needs to be done either.


  6. Thanks for the shout out V. I’m glad you enjoyed my Mass Effect Reviews. I just started playing them again :].


  7. Sundays used to be so dull and boring. Thank God you’ve come forward to save us from that mundane existence.

    To answer your probing question, for obvious reasons, I’m anxiously awaiting “Interstellar.” I’m also looking forward to “Edge of Tomorrow.” I think Matthew McConaughey is a great actor. There aren’t very many who can match the ease at which he slips between comedy, drama and action roles. I’m not sure I’ve seen him act in a movie that I thought was actually bad. Tom Cruise is a good actor too. I just wish he wasn’t so strange in real life. It impacts the enjoyment I get when I watch his movies. Fortunately Emily Blunt is in “Edge of Tomorrow” to keep me distracted.

    One of the more common words I’ve seen regarding movies in the last couple of years is “reboot.” I get the fact that studios want to minimize their risk by exploring safe directions rather than venturing off into the unknown, but give me a break. Depending on who you believe, there are only 7-12 different basic plots for a story. However, there are millions of different permutations and combinations of those basic stories. Why do producers and directors make us revisit the same ones over and over?

    It’s not a new phenomenon. We’ve dealt with this since “Nosferatu” begat “Dracula.” But still, how many different versions of “Spiderman”, “Batman”, “Superman”, “Total Recall”, “Terminator”, “Naked Gun” or even…’sigh’…”Star Trek” do we need? As I said, we’ve always had the problem, but it seems as if it’s getting worse. Rant over.

    Thank you Vee for brightening our Sunday yet once again! Bravo!

    P.S. Great pug costume! I hope it won’t affect our relationship, but I’m leaning towards a Boston Terrier. I really like the wrinkles on the Pug forehead though. It kind of makes them look like a Klingon. Maybe I can find a Bug or a Poston Terrier.


    • Agreed on McConaughey, he really has been coming into his own of late and showing that there’s a wealth of talent there, not just a pretty face or chiseled abs. Agreed on Cruise too, sometimes it is difficult to separate the man from the characters on-screen. I do struggle with that sometimes but I try to remember that he’s there for me to enjoy in a film and that I shouldn’t give a crap about his personal life. But it is hard to keep in mind when he’s so obviously nuts.

      As for reboots, I agree too. I’ve enjoyed quite a few of the successful ones, I’ve mentioned Batman and Spider-Man before, both of which were improvements on originals. Sometimes it works, other times you’re left feeling bemused by the news. I too would like to see some new variations on the theme and don’t want to pay money to see something old that’s just being presented as the same crap re-imagined.

      P.S. Boston Terriers are so cute in an ugly way, very similar to the way I feel about Pugs. I can forgive you for the Boston Terrier but if I buy him a hat and mail it to you you’ll have to send me a picture of him wearing said hat.


  8. I’m against the whole Hollywood reboot movement. (Movement is brought to you with a nod to Mr. Hankey.) Gate keepers are blocking new original content by promoting a rehash of what we’ve already seen. Bring up the new people and let’s see what they’ve got.


    • Indeed, couldn’t agree more. I’ve no doubt that there’s a wealth of new talent and ideas out there just waiting to be picked up by the big guns studios, who seem to be, unsurprisingly, playing it safe and raking in big bucks by giving us more of what we’ve seen before.


  9. I can’t believe the internet nearly imploded after my post! I don’t think I’ve ever managed that before :)


  10. OK…. hands up…. I quite liked that pug picture.


  11. When I saw the poo pic, I was VERY concerned I wouldn’t be getting my weekly pug fix. Thank God, you gave us quite possibly the most adorable pug yet. I NEVER SHOULD HAVE DOUBTED.


  12. Your Xmas decorations are sh*t… get it? :-)


  13. They cannot remake Naked Gun, it is Blasphemy!


  14. I had goosebumps when watching Interstellar trailer for the first time. Such a perfect teaser. 2014 is going to be a long year.

    A bit concerned about ASM2 though, 3 villain’s by the looks of things. Hoping it doesn’t go the way Spiderman 3 did.

    Thanks for the shout out too!


    • It does look amazing. Very excited for Interstellar!

      As for Spidey, you make a good point. I hadn’t thought of that. I think most believe that more villains mean more action, but quite often it just detracts from the overall experience.

      And you’re most welcome!


  15. Please leave The Naked Gun alone people! Its perfect and doesn’t need remade :(

    Also how come my friends and family were disgusted when I shit on the tree while you get away with it?


  16. Yeesh, agree about the Naked Gun remake. Nielson WAS Frank Drebin. Nobody else can play that character. What’s irritating is that anyone born after 1990 will probably just see the new one, not having seen the original, and the pale imitation is all they’ll know.

    Let’s all watch this video below, and try and forget the bad news.


    • Ah… these epilogues will soothe me.

      Agreed, it’ll all of those post-1990 babies talking about how hilarious this “new” comedy is. Then the rest of us will start to bang on about how much better the original was and the young folk don’t know what good comedy is. And then we’ll be old Monkeyboy, we’ll be old.


  17. I had the same reaction about the Naked Gun reboot…long live Leslie Nielsen!

    Time to dig out the Police Squad DVD!!!


  18. Ha! Best tree topper ever! :-)


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