The Begorrathon 2015

March just happens to be Reading Ireland Month, and to celebrate, Niall of The Fluff Is Raging and Cathy of 746 Books have decided to host a bit of a blogathon session. Join them as they spend the next few weeks celebrating all that is wonderful about Irish culture. Pour yourself a pint of stout, crack open a Roddy Doyle, tap your toes in time to a traditional tune and help us paint the blogosphere green this Ireland Month.

Whether it’s an Irish author you want to recognise, an Irish film, television show, musician, or some beautiful photography (or anything at all Irish or Ireland related, including booze and brews) all you have to do is post your contribution, grab the pin or share the link on the Begorrathon Facebook page and the InLinkz list. Once you do this you’ll be automatically in the running for a plethora of deadly (this is Irish for brilliant) spot prizes. Currently, Cathy is running an amazing Roddy Doyle Giveaway.


The Verbal Spew Review is also sponsoring a prize for entrants who either live away from home, or are Ireland enthusiasts who would like to experience a little bit of this little island such as they’ve never seen (or tasted) before. I’ve called it The Great Irish Care Package, and it will be chock-full of delicious Irish goodies and presents.

So, do you fancy a genuine taste of Ireland?
Do you want someone to send you all of your favourite munch from home, for FREE?

If you’ve answered YES! to either of the above questions, then get blogging. And be sure to link me, because I can’t wait to read it.


Is mise, le meas,





To share posts concerning Irish film, TV, music or anything else, and for more information please see: Niall @ The Fluff Is Raging.
To share posts concerning Irish authors and books, and for more information please see: Cathy @ 746 Books.


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58 replies

  1. V, you’re a star! cheers. Salivating at the sight of those Taytos.

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  2. Would an article on my favourite Irish comedians or my favourite novel, Dracula, by a nice Irish bloke enter me in said contest?

    Seems I chose the right time to come to Dublin hahahaha

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  3. I have a question for you awesome Irishfolk. Which Irish authors should I read? Classical, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, etc. I’ve been told to read James Joyce, but I don’t know which book, so any help you lot can give me will be very appreciated!!!!

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  4. Hey V, do you know when you’re planning on ending your giveaway for the Begorrathon?


    • Cathy’s going to do the draw at the end of the month. :)


      • ok brilliant; and bloggers just need to link to the begorrathon to enter? or is it only if they link to your post? cathy wants to do a reminder about it and she wants to make sure. cheers. and happy paddy’s weekend.


        • Just link to the Begorrathon to enter, yes.

          If anyone wants to tag me, or DM me the link they can, just in case I miss the chance to read it straight away or they fail to link to any of the Begorrathon-related sites. But that would only really apply to any readers specific to me, who don’t overlap our blogs.

          So, to be clear, to enter they just need to use the usual links, like everyone else, nothing extra.

          Happy Paddy’s weekend to you too! Hope you’re doing something more exciting than me. After this week’s Cheltenham festivities (and now serious lack of funds), I’m spending my Saturday preparing blog posts. :D

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  5. Great post V, feel so hungry looking at all that chocolate.

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  6. V! I’m tempted to throw in a link to my unbiased SA/ Irish post on the day of Saint Patrick!!

    PS – The only reason the glasses are arranged in that order is because that’s the way they fit! Nothing personal!! ;-)

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