And The Winner Of The Great Irish Care Package Is…


Some of you may have noticed that throughout the month of March, in conjunction with Reading Ireland Month and The Begorrathon, Niall and Cathy co-hosted a wonderful blogathon celebrating Irish culture, literature, music, film and television. With two exceptional people at the helm it was naturally a roaring success. Cathy generously provided a number of prizes for participants, and in an effort to get involved with the cultural celebration, I wanted to gift one of the many contributors a genuine taste of Ireland.

JacquiWine’s Journal is primarily a book review blog, with smatterings of special wine-related posts. Two of my favourite things, right there. Her site is a must-see for any reader; her reviews are comprehensive and beautifully written. As a result of The Begorrathon I have discovered a wide range of wonderful new blogs, and Jacqui’s is certainly one of them. What with Jacqui being an obviously very classy lady, I had to make a few amendments to my original Care Package shopping list.  Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I had to replace more than one item because I got hungry, and have zero self-discipline.

A selection of a few of the treats inside.

A small selection of a few of the treats inside.

To give The Irish Care Package a sense of Irish completion, Cathy very kindly partnered up with me and sent me some special items from Northern Ireland. She then ran the Random Picker draw and included every single person who wrote a Begorrathon post, review or article. Congratulations to Jacqui! I hope you enjoy. And thanks again to Niall of The Fluff Is Raging and Cathy of 746 Books for a fantastic month.

As for me, I had great craic assembling this, and hope to do a similar give-away again soon. Now all I need is a giant box.

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23 replies

  1. Thank you, V, for generously putting together such a great prize! You made the Begorrathon extra special. Also, please note that I am too much of a gentleman to make any sort of crass joke about your last sentence :)

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  2. A Begorrathon! What a wonderful idea!🍀 I’m enviously eying that care package!

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  3. How exciting! Thank you so much for this wonderful prize, I’m delighted!

    And thank you, Cathy and Niall, for hosting the Begorrathon, a terrific celebration of Irish culture. All the best, Jacqui

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  4. And here I thought I had this in the bag! :P

    So jealous! Now I’ll have to buy each of the items and try them out! :)

    And next year I’ll have to work harder on the Begorrathon :)

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  5. I want something from Ireland!!! What do I need to do????


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  6. Mmm, that food is making me hungry V.

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  7. AaaaaHH DRAT!! I missed out… again! Congrats to Jacqui!! I hope you find that large box soon… otherwise, how about a horsebox?? :roll:

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