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[MUSIC] My Most Favourite Christmas Songs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so I’m told, but it’s hard to disagree when I’ve been listening to such joyful Christmas tunage. Don’t get me wrong, some seasonal music is just awful, overplayed rubbish, and after… Read More ›


There is nothing so quintessentially Irish as a pint of the black stuff. And it has to be said, credit where it is due, the marketing genius of Diageo has propelled the Guinness brand into every household with a television… Read More ›

[MUSIC] Cover Heaven

For me, most cover versions are more miss than they are hit. They usually elicit a “WTF HAVE YOU DONE TO THAT WONDERFUL TUNE?” and “MURDERERERER!!11!1!” reaction from me. But every so often, one surprises me. I believe it’s hard… Read More ›