The Begorrathon 2015

March just happens to be Reading Ireland Month, and to celebrate, Niall of The Fluff Is Raging and Cathy of 746 Books have decided to host a bit of a blogathon session. Join them as they spend the next few weeks celebrating… Read More ›

FEAR & Losing in Las Vegas

Is there any worse combination? Firstly, my apologies for my absence this last week. Please don’t think I was being rude if I haven’t responded to or visited you in a while; I was away gambling my future hypothetical child’s… Read More ›


There is nothing so quintessentially Irish as a pint of the black stuff. And it has to be said, credit where it is due, the marketing genius of Diageo has propelled the Guinness brand into every household with a television… Read More ›

Hot Town, Summer in Dublin City

Let me preface this post by stating that in my humble opinion, the Irish love nothing more than talking about the weather. We can have full-blown quick-start discussions about the minutiae of meteorology with complete strangers or with people we’ve… Read More ›