[FILM] John Wick

“John Wick doesn’t need to speak to you when all he wants to do is shoot everyone in the face.”   John Wick, a former mob hitman, is forced out of retirement in order to track down, and brutally murder, the… Read More ›

[FILM] Fifty Shades of Grey

The date is February 14th, the year 2015. All across the land bored housewives and desperate singletons experience an intense frothing of the private parts as they flock to cinemas to watch a modern masterpiece that is heralded as being… Read More ›

[FILM] Cuban Fury

 “The story was, as you might guess, very predictable, but I don’t hold that against it.” As a child, Bruce Garrett (Nick Frost) was a salsa dancing champion. He had feet of flames; Le Passion his constant companion. That is… Read More ›

[FILM] Pompeii

Wellity, I’ve collected a few choice picks from the list of May’s DVD releases. They included Her, Veronica Mars, That Awkward Moment and Pompeii. Last eve was the turn of Paul Anderson’s attempt at a blockbusting epic, so I put on… Read More ›

[FILM] Fast & Furious 6

I can’t believe there’s been six of these. But whatever, who cares, because MORE CAR PORN! Woohoo! “It’s bad in a way that is almost similar to how I felt about Pacific Rim; meaning that it’s cool and it’s fun and… Read More ›

[FILM] Much Ado About Nothing

Happy New Year everyone! I’m still in recovery from the most booziest time of the year, but am well and truly back with the first of many reviews I cobbled together over Christmas. There’ll be more details of my shenanigans… Read More ›

[MUSIC] My Most Favourite Christmas Songs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or so I’m told, but it’s hard to disagree when I’ve been listening to such joyful Christmas tunage. Don’t get me wrong, some seasonal music is just awful, overplayed rubbish, and after… Read More ›

[FILM] Drinking Buddies

Drinking Buddies has been popping up all over my radar recently, with fellow film bloggers both reviewing and recommending it. And they do so for good reason as this was an unexpected treat. It struck quite a few chords with… Read More ›

[FILM] Byzantium

There was no doubt in my mind that I would eventually watch this film. For two reasons. The first being the massive Irish connections and the second being vampires. I like vampires. And I’m not talking the teen sparkly angst… Read More ›

[FILM] Riddick

I was really looking forward to seeing Riddick, so much so that I purposely avoided everything written about it just in case it tainted my perception or ruined any elements of the movie for me. If I’m honest, now that I have… Read More ›


There is nothing so quintessentially Irish as a pint of the black stuff. And it has to be said, credit where it is due, the marketing genius of Diageo has propelled the Guinness brand into every household with a television… Read More ›

[FILM] The World’s End

The third and final installment of The Cornetto Trilogy; The World’s End brings to a close the stories of quirky, unexpected and novel films that I have enjoyed for years. While not quite bettering Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz in my… Read More ›

[FILM] Kick-Ass 2

Back in 2010 Kick-Ass was one of the unexpected, break-out hits of the year for me. It was original, it caught me by surprise and the violence was dark. It caused all sorts of controversy. A winning recipe for a… Read More ›

[FILM] The Conjuring

I will begin this review by stating that I am no Horror Movie Maven. I’m easily frightened and I will jump and squeal like a scalded cat should someone jump out at me from behind a door. Even if I… Read More ›