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Before I head off to be both naughty and nice, I would like to take an opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Christmas. Whatever it is you celebrate this holiday season I do hope you enjoy it.

With the weather here worsening quickly and a storm on the horizon, I unfortunately have no time to regale you all with the inconsequential geek news of the world today as I must attempt to get all of my visits done this eve before I get blown away by those gale force winds howling outside. I do hope that Santa has his rain gear with him.

This week many of my blogging buddies supplied us with fantastic Christmas specials, from reviewing festive films over twelve days to writing about their own holiday stories and memories and favourite Christmas songs. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to spend your Christmas eve I urge you to check them out.

Facebook Wine

I’d also like to thank everyone who voted in my Six Months Of Spew poll. The results were very illuminating. Sixty of you voted to let me know what it was you would like to see more of here on The Spew, with more movie reviews coming out on top, closely followed by boobs, and then TV, with an approximately even number of you then looking for more news, games narratives and Pugs. Three of you opted for the “Other” option but neglected to specify what other you’d actually like to see, so I’m going to assume that these people want to see more Pugs too.

Here’s a delightfully adorable video that my good friend JF Owen sent to me featuring festive Puggish mishaps.

I’ll be taking a leave of absence from blogdom over the Christmas period but I’ll be back in 2014 fully rested and ready to spew about everything I’ve done and seen during my boozy break. Again, a Merry Christmas to all, and I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

As my gift to you and to let you know how much I will genuinely miss you all, here’s a funny picture of the ugliest cat I’ve ever seen.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

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  1. I can’t wait for your play through of the next Walking Dead. It’s so good. Merry Christmas and good luck surviving a New Year party in Ireland.


    • Haha thanks Luke! I’ve actually a wedding in Donegal to go to so it’s a New Years/Wedding Afters session combo. CARNAGE. I’ll definitely be writing up the new Walking Dead narrative over the break, before New Years, because I’ll be completely useless for days after it.

      Merry Christmas to you too! Have an excellent one, keep away from that Disaronno. ;D




  3. Boobs? BOOBS? Yeeesh! Come on, people. BE MORE ORIGINAL!

    Althooooough… now that I think of it, this could get fun! I think you should get those folks to put their money where their brains are. Set up a Paypal account and take donations from those who want to see you topless and donate the bulk to a charity or something.

    Meanwhile, contact that guy/gal with the ugly Egyptian cat that looks as it’s been boiled and shaved and get two pics of its face. Use some of the collected loot to get a custom-made bra/bikini top in a flesh color and have the cat’s face printed on each cup, then run a post with you in a tiny pic wearing what they paid for. BOOM. you’re giving them what they want and you’re even more internet famous.

    Or not. I just woke up about ten minutes ago, as I got a call the family units are swinging by a darn day EARLY. Bleh. Well, they better be bringing stuff or I’ll be crankier than I am now. Coffee! Where’s my coffee!!! Blargh…

    Happy Christmas (is it Merry or Happy down there? Does it matter?) and see you next year. Safe travels and all that other stuff… :D


    • I’ve been chuckling over this comment all day. You’re a genius. If I ever get rich and famous I’ll hire you as my “idea” executive.

      Hope you survive the units! And Merry (it’s mostly Merry here but Happy works too!) Christmas!


      • Oh, you’re welcome! My other design idea was creepier, but I need to find a scan or picture of the comic book panel it’s from (It’s the final panel from “King of the Mountain, Men” by Berni Wrightson from the ancient comic, Badtime Stories). I’d have looked for and posted it earlier, but I had to deal with the kids and others here for a bit (Mwah-ha-ha… Okay, no one was harmed in the making of THAT bit of family history). Okay, Happy Merry Christmas, since I can’t decide (thanks to perhaps too much coffee earlier… Jit-jit-jitter…)…


  4. I think that cat might just be another pug. :-)

    Have a good blogging break!


  5. I laugh every time I watch that pug Christmas video, especially the last 5 seconds. I’ve seen some REALLY ugly cats in my life, but that one is definitely the king of ugly. Remind me to tell you the story someday about Goliath, a hybrid cat we had when I was a boy. He was part domestic cat and part bobcat. Wherever he went, he and mayhem were on a first name basis…hehehe.

    This is the time of the year when we take the time to appreciate the good things in our lives, good friendships being at the head of the list. I’ve had a really good year and, for me, the hands down highlight was the day that I met a young lady from Eire who stole our hearts with her unpretentious wit and entertained us beyond all expectations. Nollaig Shona agus Bliain Nua sásta mo chara!

    See you next year!


    • Agus tú féin mo chara! Looking forward to that story about Goliath, and to hearing how your holidays went. All the best to you guys, and rest assured I’m extremely thankful for meeting the kindest and wisest of all the knights of blogdom.

      Nollaig Shona. Le grá!


  6. Have a very Merry Christmas V :]


  7. And a Merry Christmas to you as well!


  8. What option do I select if I want to see Pug boobs?


  9. Have a very Happy Christmas, V!!! Enjoy, drink, eat, sing, play and dance! And that’s not a storm, it’s Santa’s tailwind!

    Speaking of Santa, I’ll take the opportunity of sharing with you something from the Fables comic. It’s possibly the coolest explanation for how Santa does his thing I’ve ever read. Check it out!!

    I shared a few photos of my Christmas meals with you on twitter, check them out too!!

    Oh my god that’s a fugly cat!!!

    Here’s to hoping for a much better 2014! Big plans for the year hahaha

    Oh, and don’t forget to pop by The Attic in a few hours, I have something really special planned and written for you all!!!

    P.S. I’m still looking for a perfect Christmas gift for you :)


  10. Boy that cat is most definitely UGLY, all the best V – see you in 2014!


  11. Belated Merry Christmas, V! Oh my, the Christmas pugs are so adorable! And that darn ugly cat is SOOO ugly it’s cute, ahah. Looking forward to what you’ve got cookin’ for 2014!


    • Thanks Ruth! Yesss, gotta love those Pugs. One day, one of them will be mine. And I will dress him up in costumes and then probably get in trouble with the ISPCA.

      The cat has grown on me too. Every time I look at it I think less of “OMG EWW” and more, “Hmm… aww.”

      Have a great New Year! :D


      • You really should get one since you love ’em so much! They’re fun to dress up aren’t they?

        I used to have a chihuahua growing up and those are ugly little dogs that are sooo adorable as well.

        Happy new year to you, too! I’ll be working on my Top 10 list pretty soon :D


        • Unfortunately there are far too many pets in this house already, and the big German Shepherd would probably gobble up a Pug in one swallow! :D One day though. Mark my words. *shakes fist* Now, Chihuahuas, the absolute definition of so ugly they’re cute!

          Looking forward to that list.


  12. I love pugs! I hope you have a very happy New Year. :)


  13. Hi again. What about other than boobs and movie reviews, you reviewed other blogs too?


  14. Also looking forward to your next play through of Walking Dead! Hope your day was awesome, V!! And that dog/cat looking thing at the end is scary as hell.


    • Thanks mate, and a Happy New Year to you! I’ve an upcoming narrative of The Wolf Among Us due out this week too, which I think you might like. Hope you had a fab holiday!


  15. Happy New Year! :-) Hope you had a lovely Christmas.


  16. That cat-thing in the bottom photo is just not PC??? I’m ashamed to say it’s crazy mad… wha… hahaha!! :-P



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