[GAME] My Walking Dead Experience Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead

It’s my favourite day of the week, Wednesday! It’s not really, I prefer Saturdays because I get to sleep in and it’s not really Wednesday because it is actually Friday and the editor is finally letting me upload the screenies but for the purpose of this post The Walking Dead Wednesday is temporarily my favourite day of the week, and Friday is temporarily now Wednesday.

Join me as I continue my zombie adventure, now with added TRAINS.

If you haven’t yet read my previous recap installments of Episodes 1 and 2 you can do so by clicking these linkies:

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This is a play-by-play, walk-through of my own game. I wrote about my choices, the process behind making them, along with how I felt at various stages and a glimpse into my inner monologue throughout. It is a recap of my personal Walking Dead journey. If you ever plan on playing this game yourself please do not read it, as I would hate to be held responsible for ruining what could be a memorable zombie caper for you. So, SPOILERS AHEAD. 


Ep3 Long Road Ahead

EVERYBODY DIES. Well, not really, but close enough. What an emotional rollercoaster ride “Long Road Ahead” was. After I’d finished it I was left reeling for hours.

Who need friends..?

We open with Lee and Kenny making a supply run in Macon. They’re discussing things and as usual Kenny is pissing me off but I can see his point. I never really thought the motel was safe, and now with the added threat of the bandits (I just know they’ll be some sort of catalyst for mayhem) I think it would be most prudent for everyone to move on. We find out Lilly is losing her grip somewhat, but that’s Kenny’s opinion and he’s never respected her authoritah. So I file that away to think about later.

We hear screams and a girl comes flying out of a building, chased and surrounded by hungry walkers. Kenny suggests that we leave her there to keep them busy in order to give us more time on our med raid. I really wanted to shoot her to put her out of her misery. I took longer than I usually do while making a decision as I weighed up the pros and cons and tried to ignore my gut instinct to just shoot her in the brains. I didn’t though, I left her there to die a horrible, horrible death and I regretted it. But diversion secured, we stole into the pharmacy to get our loot on.

What followed next annoyed me even further. We’re naturally attacked and Kenny basically leaves Lee to fend off the walkers who break down the door in front of him. We manage to get away and to relative safety while Kenny had looked on, seemingly torn between making a run for it and hanging around to see if Lee manages to survive. Kenny, you asshole.

Pilot Walker

Pilot Walker gets a Glasgow Smile

Back at the Comfort Inn Lilly does indeed seem to be losing her ****. She has it out with Kenny (again, change the ****ing record you pair) and in order to drive his point home Kenny tells everyone present that we (Lee and I in this instance) left a girl to die so we could get as much supplies as possible for the group. I really didn’t appreciate that little speech. Kenny just wants some thanks for all he has done. What exactly is it you have done Kenny that makes you more deserving of thanks over anyone else in the group?

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Carley then tells us that we should speak to Lilly, that she’s worried, and then afterwards she wants to talk to Lee in private. She’s a bit touchy feely and I’m thinking oh boy, someone wants a piece of Lee. So we speak to Lilly, who is convinced that someone in the group is a traitor and has been stealing supplies. As proof she produces a broken flashlight and even though I’m thinking, “What a waste of time”, I promise to look into matters. Teacher, murderer, survivalist, foster parent and now sleuth. There is nothing Lee cannot do.

What followed was the funniest sequence of the game so far. Duck inserts himself into the investigation, popping up opportunistically at regular intervals accompanied by special entrance music and announcing, “Look, a CLUE!” (Pronounced: “cloooooo!”) I was actually laughing out loud throughout and by its completion I’d completely forgiven Duck for all of his previous transgressions. It served to remind me that he is just a child, and so much more innocent and carefree than our Clementine. It was a great touch and I lurved it.

Jiminy Jillickers!

Jiminy Jillickers!

While all of this is going on we have our chat with Carley. She thinks it would be a good idea to tell everyone about the murdering thing. I’m not at all sold on this, but I figure there must be a good reason for it so we agree to tell a few people. She even gave Lee a smooch. On the cheek though, nothing unwholesome. I really don’t know why everyone isn’t having desperate, wild, “it’s the end of the world” sex by now. I guess they have other priorities.

So I’m investigating the broken flashlight and simultaneously telling everyone about Lee’s torrid past. Katjaa seems to take it well. I assume she thinks it is my actions after the event that are more important than the ones before. She’s pretty stoic about it really, but when she asks me what really happened back in the meat locker on the Creeper Farm she doesn’t take my answer as well. I’m honest with her but I can’t escape the feeling that maybe this will come back to bite me in the arse, like everything else I’ve ever said has. Despite really not wanting to, I tell Kenny too. He’s nonplussed and the game told me he appreciates my honesty. I don’t really care.

I tell Clementine, who I’m sure already had a better idea of my past than most others. Then I mention to Ben that I’d been on my way to prison, but hold back on the gory deets. With my mass confessional concluded, I refocus my efforts to the task at hand, and with Ducky-doo’s help I solve the mystery.

I am, Duck. I am.

I am, Duck. I am.

Just in time for el banditos to attack.

The Great Escape

This was a fiercely enjoyable scene. I shot lots of bandits and lots of walkers in order to facilitate our check-out of the Motel California. During our escape though Kat and Duck are set upon by a walker but BAM! I shot it, saving Kenny’s family yet again. We load up into the RV and skedaddle. Inside, as we’re motoring away from the scene of carnage, Lilly is having what appears to me as a paranoia-induced mental break and is accusing Carley of dealing with the bandits behind our backs.

Hell no, I say, Carley did no such thing. Harsh words and loud noises and finger pointing. Then Kenny hits a walker and we have to stop the RV to dislodge it. Lilly takes this opportunity to move us outside and decides that this is a Big Brother democracy and we have to vote on who we want out of the house this week. I’m struck by how well-written this particular scene was. It escalated with grim determination. My heart was thumping in my chest as I realised my futile attempts to control or calm the situation were falling on deaf ears. The tension and finality of it all grew and grew until it reached the climax of a gunshot. And Carley is dead.

*insert epic NOOOOO moment here*

*insert epic NOOOOO moment here*


At this point I had to pause the game. I sat there, staring at my screen in disbelief. THEY KILLED MY GIRL CARLEY. Carley, my one true loyal companion, the only one I could count on to always have my back and to support me no matter what. Lilly had shot my girl. I was seething. Such a testament to the writers and creators of this game that they could make me feel so emotionally tied to and dependent on one character, but I wasn’t thinking about praise at the time. Once I’d calmed myself somewhat I resumed the game and left Crazy Lil at the side of the road, but not before she tried to drop the “Lee’s a murderer!!!111!1!” bomb. Everyone else was like, “So what, lol.” OH SNAP, BITCH! Carley looking out for me, even after death. I also noted that, once again, Clementine had seen everything. Holy Jaysis, that little girl has seen way too much horrible.

Too many feels.

Yeah, that's right, I left you on the side of the road. Alone. Without a weapon. Dodge THAT.

Yeah, that’s right, I left you on the side of the road. Alone. Without a weapon. Dodge THAT.

We’re on the road again and I’m still reeling from Carley’s unexpected and so sudden demise when Kat calls me up to the RV cabin. More bad news, poor Duck was bitten after all. This just serves to compound what has already been a crappy day for our gang and teaches me that in this game I have to remember the absolute futility of their situation. I sigh and tell Clem. Then Lee has an awful dream wherein Clementine is a walker and tries to bite him, and ‘Q’ doesn’t work (a part of me knows this isn’t real but I’m still mashing the grapple key) but thankfully, phew, we wake up to find we’ve stopped because…

A train! The following scenes consist of Lee talking to people, figuring out the engine start puzzle, getting water for an emaciated Duck (which was an empty enough gesture, I don’t think walkers need hydration), meeting The Littlest Hobo who had been living in one of the boxcars (he reminded me of the janitor in Futurama, who is this guy?) and eventually getting the train moving. So, we’re on the road again, but this time, we have a train, mofos.

Do the locomotion with Lee.

Do the Locomotion with Lee.

Pit-stop Pity

Pretty soon afterward Duck starts to turn and Kat asks us to stop the train. Kenny, who has appointed himself as conductor and driver, refuses. He’s in total denial over the imminent loss of his son, and nothing Lee says can convince him to go and be with his wife. The idiot that he is, I have no choice but to fight him. After Kenny beats the snot out of Lee and tells him he hates him he stops the train. That’s fine Kenny, just go and deal with your sitch. Despite the tempestuous end to this bromance, Lee, being the good friend and hardcore bastard that he is, offers to to the deed and end Duck’s suffering for the broken parents. They ask for some time, and together Kenny and Kat carry Duck into the woods to say goodbye.

There’s a gunshot and a yell, and Lee runs after them. Katjaa is dead on the ground, having seemingly shot herself. Kenny is bent over her, crying and Duck is leaning against a tree trunk, his breathing raspy and his pallor wholly unhealthy. Lee takes care of business and takes care of Duck.



Ah, Ducky-Derp. I feel bad now for all of the mean things I said about you. I didn’t want you to die after all.

Long Train Runnin’

In a rather endearing scene back on the once again moving train and under the advisement of Hobo Chuck we cut Clementine’s hair and teach her how to shoot. I don’t bother talking to Kenny (he vants to be alone) other than to get him out of the way so I can nab a map. We chat with Clem and hammer out a plan to find her parents. Now I know this is a controversial tack to take with the kid. Chances are her parents are dead, or at least her father is undead as per the voice messages we heard back in Episode 1, but I think this is something we have to do. Clementine either needs to find her mother so I can deposit her back where she belongs, or she needs to find closure so we can move on and get on a boat or whatever. You may think it is a mistake to coddle her, and maybe it is, but I get the distinct impression that the thought of her parents being alive and the tenuous connection she was with them through her walkie is all that is keeping her compos mentis right now.

Somewhere along the way here we speak to Ben and find out that he was the one behind the dealings with the bandits. He claims it was because they told him they had his friend. I thought Ben’s friend Travis died in the woods in the decapitated leg debacle. Obviously he has other friends though. Anyway it’s weak and if there had been an option to throw Ben off the train I probably would have done it. Hell, if I could have I would have thrown everyone off the train. Why not? This game seems intent on killing off all the characters I like and leaving me stuck with Kenny The Walking Plot Device.

It isn’t long before we’re stopped again and things take yet another unexpected turn as we come across a large road block and are introduced to more Red Shirts. (We’re all Red Shirts really). Naturally I’m instantly suspicious of Omid (who looks weird but sounds like Seth Green) and Christa (who looks like the traitorous Intelligence Operative in the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC, so I dislike her immediately). We overhear their brief conversation before Lee approaches them, so I’m pretty sure the game wants us to be wary and/or curious about them. Well done game, you manipulate me well. I’m a little creeped out by Omid’s not so subtle interest and delight in seeing Clementine.

Worst. Day. Ever.

Worst. Day. Ever.

But that obviously doesn’t matter because hey, we need help again. The new pair offer their aid in cutting down the tankard truck full of flammable fuel from the bridge and clearing the way for our train to choo-choo onward. At someone’s suggestion Lee wanders off to check out an abandoned train station, with Clementine accompanying. I died at this part a couple of times. Inside the creepy station Lee is attacked by two walkers while Clementine watches, paralysed, from behind bars. The first time I died because a moth flew at my monitor and I hate moths so I panicked and uselessly swatted at it while a walker feasted on Lee’s entrails. The second time I died because I didn’t realise that I didn’t have to back away while punching them, I could just grab the spanner that was propping open the door and brain them. When I finally got it together and killed the walkers and saved Clementine from yet another one the appearance of the nosy Christa really bugged me.



How long was she at that door for? Why is this woman casting aspersions on my ability to look after Clementine? How dare she insinuate that I’m a shoddy care-taker. We’re still alive aren’t we? The cheek of her.

Take a cupful of imminent danger, a splash of horde, a pinch of sexism and bake for two hours

With the blowtorch we’d found in the station we return to the bridge and with Omid’s “help” manage to unhitch the truck. Unfortunately though, while we’re at this a horde appears. In a scene reminiscent of an action movie we have to jump from the bridge and on to the moving train. I jumped myself and even though Omid wouldn’t budge (fear of heights?) I didn’t bother pushing him to ensure his safety. He’s a grown ass man, if he wants to come with me and escape the walkers he can bloody well do it himself. But Omid does it wrong and hurts his leg. Christa, who must have a thing for Midget Man Omid (seriously, he’s really small), jumps off the moving train in an effort to save him.

Then we’re faced with a decision. Pull Omid or Christa back up into the boxcar. I went for Omid, because even though I’m not a fan of his I’ve decided that I really don’t like Christa and I wouldn’t mind if she died. When I pull him up though, he starts giving out to me. He says I should have saved Christa because SHE’S A WOMAN.

Hold up.

Wait. What!?

Obvious sexism aside it seems that it doesn’t really matter that she’s a woman, because Christa saves herself anyway. Good for her. But as we continue to hurtle toward Savannah I begin to wonder what was behind this outburst. Why is it so important that Christa, a woman, be saved. Why is it imperative that my care of Clementine, a little girl, be called into question. Why were they so happy to see her. Aside from the need for women to repopulate the world (surely we need men for that too) after the apocalypse, the only thing I can think of that makes sense is that pregnant women give birth to babies who are immune to infection. But whatever, I dismiss this for later ponderings. A sleeping Clem’s walkie crackles to life and we hear a voice on the other end reminding her that he has her parents. Oh boy. I’m left with more questions than ever.



Episode 3 Stats

Episode 3 Stats

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28 replies

  1. I love how they make everyone like Duck again with the detective subplot only to kill him later on anyway. Major guilt trip on the haters. Such a clever game.


  2. V, you simply have to be more careful. Dying twice? My system isn’t up to that kind of heart pounding excitement. Hmmm, Georgia isn’t all that far and you need help; I can be there in a few hours.

    “Linda, where’s my old crossbow and do I still have that prototype light sabre that I built when I was working at Area 51?”

    “Why? What are you going to do with those old things?”

    “I’m going to Georgia to help V.”

    “Who’s V”

    “A girl I met on the internet.”

    “Another one?”

    “You don’t understand. She’s having trouble with zombies.”

    “The last one was having trouble with vampires.”

    “Zombies are a serious problem. You have to understand th… Linda, what are you doing? Don’t mess with that again. It’s our router. The last time you unplugged it, it was two weeks before you let me get back on-line. Linda, Linda. Don’t unplug the rout…”



    • LOL!


      *shakes fist at sky* The injustice!


      • Also, would totally believe that you have a prototype lightsaber. :D


        • Shhhh. I’m using a computer at the library. Just for grins, here’s an oldie.


          Gotta go. :)


          • That would explain why I can’t find your Twitter button. ;D

            I remember trying to explain a play by forum cooperative RPG that revolved around lusty Greek gods and demigods to a computer illiterate ex once, that got a similar reception lol.


            • Lol. Linda didn’t actually kick me off of twitter. She just rolls her eyes when I go there. That in itself makes it worth the visit; I thought girls forgot how to roll their eyes when they hit twenty-one. I was wrong.

              I still have the twitter account. I removed the button because it was just taking up space. In four months it was only clicked once. Twitter is a bit of an enigma to me. I really can’t come to grips with saying something useful in 140 characters. Some people can and I occasionally troll my twitter feed for a few minutes picking out the interesting bits. Mostly I just use it to find interesting links to visit elsewhere on the internet.

              PS. Linda wants to know where she can find an RPG with lusty Greek gods.


              • Oh I get you. 140 character limit is a challenge in itself. I struggle with it so keep my Twitter interaction to a minimum most of the time. After all, having so little to say goes against The Verbal Spew ethos. ;D

                P.S. Women never forget how to roll their eyes.
                P.P.S. That RPG group has since disbanded, but I do know of another based on a mixture of Greek and Roman Gods, and with historical characters such as Spartacus and his gladiatorial ilk thrown in too for good measure. I will pass on the linkage for Linda. :D


  3. If you ever get the equipment, I bet you’d do funny video walkthroughs :)
    OH and da heck Vee?! Christa can’t have a thing for short guys!? THE PREJUDICE!!! I thought we were allies!


    • I’ve always wanted to do a Let’s Play on Twitch! They look like so much fun! Oh and about Omidget, ain’t nothing wrong with short guys, but in the game he looks SO SMALL, it caught me completely by surprise because it’s not often you see ANY disparity at all between characters’ sizes in games! Us shorties are still BAMF though, and it is nice to see us represented in TWD. ;)

      Man, woman, tall or small, we’re all equally tasty in the eyes of the walkers. :D


  4. DUCKY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Haha in the face :D


  5. I’m beginning to love Wednesdays {er Fridays} because of your weekly post on The Walking Dead. They’re great and I love seeing how the decisions you make weigh on you.


  6. Zombies you can handle, but moths nooooooo. Rest in peace Ducky. You were a great Watson (although too dumb to ever become a doctor.)


    • Moths are the spawn of satan! The way they fly and flop around and dive straight for your face… UGH.

      Duck was hilarious in that ep, even though they did it to me on purpose to make me feel the guilts.


  7. Carley’s death is one of the few character deaths that I can honestly say took me completely and totally by surprise. I had no clue that was gonna happen. And I loved her, too.


    • That one pissed me off to no end. Still can’t believe they killed her! Did you leave Lily on the side of the road?


      • No, but the only reason I brought her back on the RV was because I didn’t want Clementine to see me leave her behind. That was absolutely the only reason.


        • Clementine was pretty much my only consideration too when I was making the decision. But in the end, I let my anger rule. I read afterward that she actually steals the RV. Not that it matters really because they have the train at that stage, but I’d be curious to see if she’ll ever pop up again in game.



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