[NEWS] The Sunday Spew (17th November 2013)

It has been a slow enough geek news week folks, with the only headlines making waves being the SONY PLAYSTATION 4 RELEASE in the USofA. Those if us in the Eurozone have a little longer to wait before we can weigh in on the next-gen war. Hopefully I’ll have something meatier for you to sink your teeth into during the week but until then, to sate your appetite for gaming and comedy I recommend you check out the latest episode offering from the mental cases at South Park, who this week created a delicious satirical message about Black Friday and console snobbery.

THIS IS THE DROID YOU’RE LOOKING FOR – The very first Star Wars Episode VII related image has surfaced. A group of techy looking people I do not know surround a very familiar looking astromech droid I do know in this picture that was posted on Twitter several days ago. Knowing that they couldn’t possibly have a Star Wars sequel without trusty R2-D2 this “reveal” comes as no shock at all, whatsoever, but it’s still nice to see. THIS IS THE YOUNG JEDI YOU’RE LOOKING FOR – Keeping with the Star Wars theme, my friend Luke from Oracle of Film this week reported from inside the London auditions, where they were looking for a “smart, capable man”, as J.J., in all of his wisdom, would like some new faces to lead this new era of Jedi. Read all about his amazing experience here, and also note please that he’s promised me his credit card details. Yay, new shoes!

LET’S TAKE IT BACK TO THE START – AMC announced that The Walking Dead is to get a spin-off companion series, and this week further details have emerged with a report claiming that it is to be a prequel, chronicling the early days of the epidemic.

WOLVERINE: THE AGING CASH COW – In other franchise milking news, Hugh Jackman spoke this week about some “really cool” ideas he and James Mangold have been discussing for yet another Wolverine movie. At least Famke Janssen won’t be in this one. One would hope, anyway.

In personal news this week, things have been a bit hectic in The V ‘verse. Work continues to kick my arse, and will most likely do so until the stupid silly pre-season is over. It all ends and then begins for me on December 24th. I can’t wait for the parties and extra sleep and presents and yummy button-busting feasts.

I still haven’t gotten around to seeing Gravity (oh the shame, is it time to hand back my geek card yet?) but I did get to review and post a few of my October DVD Releases despite the time constraints, so all is not lost. This week we had the interesting Byzantium, the thoroughly enjoyable gem of The Way Way Back, and a trio of controversial “treats” in Threesome – R.I.P.D., Pacific Rim & After Earth. The latter I reviewed while under the influence of much wine having had a Dancing With The Stars marathon at the mother’s den. We had finger-food and chats and many digestifs.

My Veronica Mars Kickstarter goodies arrived (yay, swag!). The t-shirt looks awesome, but typically in V-Land nothing is as it seems and I soon realised they’d sent me an XL instead of an XS. As a result Veronica is destined to become bed time wear, and will share my boudoir. That doesn’t sound so bad.

The Verbal Spew Review was nominated by The Dad, Gentleman Geek, Gamers Therapy and Lunaliah for Versatile Blogger awards and Kim from Tranquil Dreams was generous enough to honour with a Most Influential Blogger accolade. My thanks to all of you and I hope to post my responses some time next week, all going according to plan.

This weekend saw the culminated efforts of JohnHeatz, Kev from The Mental Attic and the 1001-Up team join forces and embark on a playthrough adventure of Dead Space. Due to technical difficulties and a full dance card this weekend I was unable to take part, an epic failure I will hope to remedy in the coming days. In the meantime, while my streaming debut is delayed, check out John’s Dead Space vid and Kevin’s collection. I’m told that following an accident in the 1001-Up kitchen, Craig, Phil and Kim have indeed completed theirs too, so keep an eye out for that.

Have you anything to add? Tell me your news below!

I will leave you with this picture of a pug dressed as Michonne.



My thanks to pitchscript for bringing that one to my attention. Until next time my lovelies.

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51 replies

  1. As usual, an amazingly informative post! Really loving these posts! Didn’t know about that thing for The Walking Dead!!! Now I must look for that….


  2. I love the pug!

    And now we have another zombie series for you to watch. How do you keep up with everything? Do you ever sleep?

    Great post!


  3. Nice article V :]. I’m actually about to watch the Wolverine movie for the first time in a few minutes. I don’t expect to like it because I don’t like any of the x-men movies but i’ll be optimistic.


  4. I really love the format of this post, I learned loads! Can’t believe a show that can’t fill itself with anything approaching entertaining is getting a spin-off!

    And I’ll add that I’m very very excited about my PS4 arriving on the 29th :)


  5. If you can wear the extra large Veronica Mars shirt you know you’ve had too many Xmas feasts.


  6. OMG a Michonne pug!!! That is brilliant and my life is now complete.


  7. We’re still waiting for your debut! But now you have to do both Dead Space AND Outlast hahahaha, the list of scary games keeps piling up!

    Maybe next time we can do a co-op thing, or even an Old Republic thing :)

    And don’t worry, I forgive you for standing me up on SWTOR :P :P :P


  8. When I realized what the pug was dressed as… it made my day. :D (I just typed “It made my dad”, though, which is a bit weird…) D:


  9. Clear space for another award. Coming through! http://alexraphael.wordpress.com/2013/11/19/awards-sunshine-award/ And no slacking of your current standard. It’s a really great blog you have ;)


  10. Aw, total bummer about your shirt! Did you try contacting them, just in case they could fix it? Seems like a huge error…um, pun intended?

    Ugh, Wolverine…I saw the first movie after it leaked online and I STILL wanted my money back. You know a movie is bad when the video game makes *more* sense!

    Not sure how I feel about the Walking Dead spin-off since I’m not super thrilled about this season (especially the most recent episode, ugh) and haven’t been really happy with the show for awhile.

    Congrats on being internet famous! :D It’s the little things, especially when those little things come with graphics you can stick on your blog sidebar. ;-)


    • I sent off an email asking if an exchange would be possible! I wouldn’t normally bother but there’s no way I picked XL :D. I won’t mind too much if I don’t hear anything back, still pretty delighted I got some VM swag.

      I wasn’t happy with the last ep of TWD either, thought I was the only one! I struggled through it while every single character on-screen annoyed the stuffing out of me. Next week looks to be more of the same. Ugh. :/

      And yay for graphics! I wish I could make my own awards.


  11. I’ve read all these comments and not one mention on how funny that South Park episode was. It had me in stitches:-) I really hope there’s a part two.


  12. Pre-ordered a PS4 in Oct but delivery date quoted is 31st Jan :-(

    You should defo try and catch Gravity on the big screen (IMAX if you can) V, it’s pretty good and an experience that might not work as well on the little-r screen!

    Work-busy with me as well at the mo (crikey, a six day week for me next week as well), less time for geeky pursuits of late :-(


  13. Bwahaha! That Michonne pug is freaking hilarious!



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