[NEWS] The Sunday Spew (25th May 2014)

Typically, the week I return to Blogdom turns out to be one of the slowest news weeks in my goldfish memory. I’ll just have to make do, and I promise I’ll stop making stuff up.*

TWITCHOOGLETUBE.TV  The internets exploded earlier this week when this story “leaked”. Google is apparently ready and willing to hand over ONE BILLION dollars in cold, hard cash-money to Twitch.tv in order to continue their plan to ruin everything and make everyone, everywhere activate their Google + account. There have been no official statements made regarding this courtship as of yet, and rumour is these talks are in the early stages. I’m not so sure I buy it but I’m waiting on The American Overlords to step in and cite something about anti-competition law. If you’re old or hate e-sports and have no idea what I’m babbling about, then you can read all about this possible game-changing move here.

TARRED & FETTERED  Godzilla director Gareth Edwards has confirmed that he will direct the first Star Wars spin-off movie, which could possibly focus on BAMF Bounty Hunter Boba Fett. He joins forces with the screenwriter of After Earth. I’m not sure what any of this means yet. Someone please help.

In TRAILERTOWN, nerdlingers everywhere are abuzz with the latest, full-length Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. Check it out here, if you haven’t already. Even I, the one who harbours an inexplicably fierce antipathy toward Zoe Saldana and everything she does, can admit this looks like a lot of space-rompin’ funsies. Also, the golden oldie in me thinks I’ll dig the soundtrack.

When I went to see the new X-Men flick the other day I also saw the trailer for Marky Mark & The Machines Transformers: Age of Extinction. I’m still not sold on the continuation of this franchise, but at least LaBeouf got the boot. Also, dinobots!

And speaking of X-Men (super segue, bitches!), X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST released this weekend to much critical and fan approval. Have you seen it yet? What did you think? How totes amaze was that Quicksilver scene in the kitchen!? If you need a quick refresher before you hit the picture-house, check out Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer of the entire original trilogy.

BATS VS SUPE – And finally, in our (re-instated for this week only) Bats Vs Supe segment, we learn this week that it has finally been given a name. BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Meh. From now on, on this blog, we will be referring to it as BATMAN, V & SUPERMAN.

This week I returned gloriously to Earth and also to The Spew. After my homecoming announcement last Sunday, I then went on to pontificate about various season finales in [TV] The Season Roundup – HIT or MISS?

Now, for the Sunday Shout-Outs. Let’s kick things off by very, very belatedly thanking Alex Raphael for the thoughtful Lighthouse Award, Cara from Silver Screen Serenade and the generous Alex again for The Dragon Loyalty Awards and Janey from Cupid or Cats for the WordPress Family and Reader Appreciation Awards. These were all gifted while I was on my mission to VeePugnus Prime, so please accept my apologies for the delay in gratitude and my thanks for thinking of me during that tumultuous time.

It has been a mission itself to catch up on all of my blog reading from the last few months. As a result, some of my shout-outs today might be old, zombie posts of yours. I tried to keep things as current as possible, but some of you are just too damn interesting and talented not to mention.

Our WordPress Readers I’m sure have erupted with X-Men: Days of Future Past reviews. I’m still hesitant to review myself, but I’m never hesitant to recommend. Ryan from Ten Stars or Less gave this latest Singer offering full marks, but, in the interest of balance, Screenkicker! was a little underwhelmed. Brad from Hard Ticket to Home Video just the other day delighted me with The Ten WORST Mutants in the X-Men Movie Franchise.

Tim reviews and dissects in his indomitable way the latest Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer, which looks in equal parts awesome and kind of scary. In most part because of the apes riding horses. Tom from Movies & Music Cafe has begun a very interesting project; a collaborative screenplay, the genre, setting and many other elements of which to be chosen by his readers. Silver Screen Serenade‘s Cara watches an absolute favourite of mine, Jurassic Park, with her sister and posts the very entertaining conversation they had throughout in Schuster Sister Shenanigans: Jurassic Park.

Ruth from Flixchatter continues her fabulous Five for the Fifth series with the May edition, as well as asking her thought-provoking Questions of the Week. Flixchatter is a must-follow for any movie bloggers or movie lovers out there. This week Keith & the Movies gives us 5 Surprising Yet Phenomenal Movie Bromances and Lauren from mykindofmovie asks, Should There Be More Women In Star Wars? A fan of recaps? Then you must check out Melissa’s Snap Crackle Watch!, a blog dedicated to both movies and TV. Her latest Game of Thrones post had me cracking up. A big Welcome to Blogdom shout-out to Labyrinthwrm, who shares my love for Irish Hook and offered us an impressive list of Gone But Not Forgotten (Mostly) TV shows.

My buddy JF Owen posted a wonderfully fitting tribute to Dante in Best Friends Often Have Four Feet. And speaking of authors, the deliciously irreverent Sean Smithson of the infamous Office Inbetweener recently announced the impending release of his book, How to Lose a GIRL in 10 Ways, which I personally cannot wait to read. If it’s anything like the horrifying stories in his blogs I am guaranteed to be entertained. Erotic author and frequent Spew commenter Kitt Crescendo of The Inner Wildkat, reminds us how special May really is with Lessons In Going Solo. For anyone with a penchant for erotica, I heartily recommend this lovely lady.

For all of my gaming needs I continue to frequent the team at Play Legit, 8BitChimp (who recently relocated to a dedicated website – congrats!), the fab folks at 1001-Up and, of course, my favourite lads and lasses over at Gamers Sphere.

BLOGATHON BRILLIANCE – I couldn’t let this opportunity pass by without chronicling some of the best blogathons I’ve come across. This year so far we’ve seen quite a few inclusive and well-constructed series that I’m sorry I missed participating in. Below are a few that I managed to catch up on since my return.

Over at IPC, we had SHITFEST WINTER. This long-standing, successful and hilarious blogathon needs no introduction. You can find the list of every review of the shittiest films the participants could come up with here. For plenty of shits and even more giggles, IPC is the place to go. Mikey from Screenkicker! hosted the Screenkicker Olympics; wherein participants wrote about films and actors who are based in cities and countries special and specific to them. Ireland is shockingly under-represented, but that is, unshockingly, my own fault.

The hard-working MovieRob has an ongoing blogathon called Genre Granduer in the works currently, with May’s theme being crime, and next month’s recently announced as comic book movies. If you haven’t been over to Rob’s yet, you must check it out, he covers everything. Table9Mutant of Cinema Parrot Disco is hosting an IMDB Top 250 Challenge, which is a mammoth task but continues to tick along beautifully. Zoë from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger let the X-Men enthusiasts take over and gave us so many excellent X-themed posts this month.

Cary from the brilliant Recollections of Play tugs on our nostalgic heartstrings with a TOTALLY 80s series, complete with My Little Pony and Spandex ShortsAnd finally, Luke from Oracle of Film, hosts a “Question of the Month” feature, wherein he probes his fellow movie bloggers for things like our favourite quotes and the answers to the universe. That’s all I’ve caught up on for now. If I missed you, worry not, for I will be back.


As is tradition, I will leave you with a pic that can only improve upon this dim, depressing Sunday. Behold! Probably the best boat name I’ve ever seen.



It’s good to be back.

Have you anything to add? Tell me your news below!


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* Can only promise this during intermittent bouts of sobriety.
** I think I just broke WP with the ultimate record for linkage diarrhoea.

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72 replies

  1. Thanks for the mention, I’ll have to bookmark this because there is a lot of stuff. Looking at some of it now though :D


  2. Glad to see you back, V! Was missing these good reads I always got from your articles :)


  3. They’re gonna need a bigger boat ;)


  4. Wow! I’ve got tons of new stuff to read! Thanks so much for including me. Really appreciate it.


  5. welcome back to blogdom (i missed your announcement that you were returning, but i have also missed your snarky posts (marky mark and the machines: brilliant). I must be old as I have never heard of twitch tv and have no idea what you’re babbling about. thank you for making me feel ancient :) i am not blogging as much as i would like these days, but still trawl the blogosphere looking for good stuff (like yours). “Batman, V & Superman”?: not to be crass, this isn’t just an excuse for you to fantasise about a henry cavill/ben affleck double-team, is it??? ;)


    • That’s okay NiMac, nobody I know IRL knows what Twitch is either! ;) That probably means that everyone I know is old though. How have you been? It can be hard to find time for the blog but I’m really glad to see you knocking around. And I’ll have you know I entertain no such fantasies! I just happen to be in a super sandwich title. :D


      • thank you! currently employed (which is delightful); working 7 days a week (somewhat less delightful); too tired to blog much (very undelightful). I managed to throw movie rob a crime review and i`ll hopefully send him a few comic book movie ones. i`m not a comic-reading type person, but i do sometimes enjoy silly comic book movies (man of steel is the exception; i thought it was shite …. we shall see what SVB is like). I wish you well in your super sandwich; I hope you choose your condiments well. regards; Nimac.


        • Hmm. Brown sauce? Can you get that over there Niall? Do you miss it? I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with brown sauce myself.

          Delighted to hear about the gainful employment! Not so to hear about the 7 days a week part. Jaysis. You have my total sympathies; you must be working your arse off.


          • there wasn’t much of an arse to begin with. i have the behind of a japanese girl. I think you can get brown sauce here, but i’ve never liked it in any event. Jammie Dodgers – now, that’s a different story. I have a stockpile of Barry’s Tea and would probably trample a lumerbjack to death if I saw Mikado biscuits here. Do they still make those? I heard a dreadful rumour that they shut the factory down a few years ago. Say it isn’t so.


            • Whelp, I don’t know if the factory has actually closed down, but I do know that there are Mikados in the Centra up the road. If you want to risk the possibility of me turning up on your doorstep for an impromptu holiday then you could always send me your address and I’ll post you some. :D


  6. If Superman II doesn’t change its name and then cast you, I am going to be severely disappointed. An Irish Harley Quinn is much needed!


  7. I gotta say as a huge fan of the Transformers as a youth, I couldn’t help but continue in geeking out everytime a Transformers movie comes out, no matter who is in it. Sorry Tformer haters.


  8. We all surely missed you V. I can tell you without reservation that I was in a deep state of depression the entire time.

    Great photo. I hate it when Alex beats me to the punch on a good line. :)


  9. GODDAMN I MISSED THESE. Once again, a very hearty welcome back, lady!!! Thanks so much for the shoutouts and for THAT GLORIOUS PUG PIC. Did you take that while you were on VeePugnus Prime?? I feel like VeePugnus is filled with pugs on boats.


  10. Thanks for the mention dude!


  11. Thanks so much for the shout-out V. It was very sweet and much appreciated. This post must’ve taken you AGES to prepare!


    • Most welcome! Yesss, the Sunday posts take AGES. Especially this one because I’m so out of practice. The half bottle of red consumed throughout though probably didn’t help.


  12. Thanks for the mention! Lots to check out here, and some super adorable pugs again! LOVE it!


  13. I’ve missed these more than that kid that keeps showing up on my doorstep claiming that i’m his dad. Thanks so much for the mentions, its not been the same without you :)


    • For some reason I just got an image of that kid from Bad Santa showing up at your gaff, asking if you’d like him to “fix you some sammiches”. :o

      Thanks Mikey, you so sweet. <3


  14. Thanks for the mention V.!

    does this mean you will start to participate :)

    Hope the Boba Fett movie is better than After Earth was :)


  15. Thanks for the shout-out! And I love that photo :)


  16. Google wanting to buy Twitch is weird when you consider that Youtube likes to take down video game clips on copyright grounds.


    • Yes indeed. They wouldn’t be able to apply their current copyright laws to Twitch streaming, because Twitch, as it stands, appears to be in direct violation of how YT is managed, despite the fact that numerous game studios have come forward and said that they have no problem with live streaming or recorded Let’s Plays. It’s a strange one.


  17. Thanks for the mention of 8BitChimp! Looks like I have lots to read this week. Love these posts. Keep it up.


  18. THANK YOU for the mention!!

    Lurb you!!


  19. Quicksilver was indeed awesome in DoFP, glad he’s set to have a larger role in the next one!


  20. Nice spew (erm.. weird thing to call nice), one of the highlights of my viewing of X-Men was the trailers prior to it. As you covered Transformers was present, Guardians of the Galaxy and a few other treats such as Dawn of the planet of the apes, 22 Jump Street and Edge of tomorrow (which tag line is very similar to our blog name which i approve)

    Shaping up to be a rather good year for easy watching, popcorn munching block busters. Guardians can’t come soon enough for me <3


    • REALLY looking forward to Guardians myself. It looks like a lot of fun and the second trailer totally won me over. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Edge of Tomorrow (which yes, has an awesome tag line ;D) are definitely another two I’ll be heading to the cinema to see.


  21. THAT’S A LOT OF LINKS!!!!!!


  22. Hi V! I’ve been on vacation the last 2 weeks, kinda nice to be away from my laptop and and a break from social media for a while. Much belated thank you for the link and kind words girl, much appreciated! Hey, I LOVE X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST too, I didn’t think much about Quicksilver but he ended up stealing scenes, especially that one in the kitchen as you mentioned.


    • Hope you had a brilliant time Ruth! I see you’re back to blogdom now, I’m looking forward to catching up with all of your posts that I missed over the last week or so.


  23. How totes amaze was that?? Glad to see you back!!

    As always, don’t understand a word so I must be one of them ol fella’s you’re referring to… any how, always great reading… even though I don’t have a clue what I’m reading about!! ;-)


    • I still love that you read my stuff even though you never know what I’m talking about. It’s an amazing compliment really. :D


      • Cos I reckon you’re the best craic merchant around!! You really make me laugh… I often imagine the scenes you describe… or dissect… or tear apart. I’m thinking that’s why you have so much interaction with your followers… keep it going! ;-)



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