[GAME] My Eyes, The Goggles Do Nothing.

If I were a mother and my blog was my child Social Services would have taken it away from me a long time ago.

Luckily, something arrived in the mail today that could potentially replace said child. I’ll just leave this here…

Oculus Rift

I will be secretly filming every single person who stops by to try it.

I’ll be back soon.



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  1. You are sorely missed V.

    Please come back to us!!!! :(


  2. I know I should act all cool and nonchalant but yeah great to hear from you. And a double high 5 for The Simpsons quote. Here’s a funny Simpsons pic http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger2/3603/3317/400/Homeremp.gif


  3. Awesome, can’t wait to try one out myself, really interested in the result (although not looking forward to the motion sickness afterwards)


    • I was fine at first, but after about an hour my stomach was telling a different story. It’s very disconcerting. But also, very cool! I hope you get to give one a whirl soon.


  4. Well-well-welly-well-well.

    Now, you’re Future V? Hmmm. You planning on making games yourself,or did you buy that just to try stuff out? I think VR will do well in SOME cases, but not amongst the easily queasy. I also think there will be a side order of YouTube and Twitch “watch me play ’til I toss my cookies” videos that the Oculus people will HATE because it shows people abusing the product (as it abuses them), but they can’t stop those folks from making guinea pig asshats of themselves (and getting MEGA traffic as a result).

    Bright side? Hey, perhaps it replaces actual drugs as a way to get a “high” that’s somewhat safer. One would hope, at least. Here come the drunk/high AND using Rift videos! Yeesh.

    Anyway, so glad you’re not dead. Write more (well, if you can see straight after using the Opti-Grab Rift):



  5. I’ve always wanted to test my theory that the Irish and the Oculus do not mix.


  6. Nice to hear from you again V :].

    Did you hear about Robin Williams? :[


  7. I love that I know what that title is referencing :D


  8. I hear it is a very cool gizmo. Even people who are not fans of 3D have been impressed by it.


  9. You know you have to stream yourself playing with the rift, right? Especially a horror game :)


  10. You going to be doing a bit of 3D welding with those?



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