[NEWS] The Sunday Spew (22nd February 2015)

I’m about as rusty as one of Salad Finger’s rusty spoons (don’t look that up), but I can’t let the first Sunday of one of my periodic returns pass without attempting a Sunday Spew. No time for foreplay either, so just assume the position and brace yourself, blog.

ALIEN! – So by far the biggest news for me this week was Neill Blomkamp and the confirmation of his Alien involvement. Tongues were set a-wagging when the District 9 writer and director posted some beautiful Alien concept art on his Instagram account, and following a series of small internet implosions and mass confusion, he eventually announced he was officially on-board. Mr. Rumsey’s Film Related Musings is hosting something of a discussion about the future possibilities, so check that out if you’d like to discuss.

Personally, I am cautiously excited to see what direction Mr. Blomkamp takes with this franchise favourite of mine. No doubt we’ll see you soon too, Sharlto Copley.

KHAL DROGO WITH A TRIDENTHere’s a picture of Jason Mamoa as Aquaman.

LONG-NECKED LOVELY – Morena Baccarin (Firefly, Homeland) has reportedly confirmed that she will star alongside Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool. An exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter suggests that she will be playing Deadpool’s love interest, and in particular her character will “grapple with falling for a man with a hideously scarred face”. Lulzy moment that gave me aside, I’m decidedly lacking an opinion on this one. If nothing else, it will be nice to see the Mama V back on our sci-fi screens.

NO X-MEN FOR OLD MEN – Bryan Singer was recently excited to welcome Kodi Smit-McPhee to the X-Men: Apocalypse ensemble cast. The Aussie-born Dawn of the Planet of the Apes star is set to play a young Nightcrawler. Which is an… interesting choice for the fan favourite mutant. In other X-related news, Variety reports that neither Patrick Stewart nor Ian McKellan will appear in this next installment, as the new-gen boys take over business in a 1980s set plot twist.

Little birdies are tweeting that STEVEN SPIELBERG IS HOPING TO BIRTH A REBOOT OF INDIANA JONES, with Chris Pratt starring. This is pure speculation at this stage and it’s early days yet with regard to a Spielberg involvement, but come on really, this is Disney we’re talking about, it will happen one way or another. At least there’s been no talk of Shia LaBeouf reprising his role as Indy Jr. Small mercies? What do you think about an Indiana Revival?

And finally, movie fans and armchair fashion critics the world over are tuning in tonight to the 87TH ACADEMY AWARDS. I will endeavour to keep my Shout-Outs as quick and as painless as possible, so we can all get back to judging the wealthy folk’s clothes and laughing at all of the ill-concealed narcissism. Yay, begrudgery!

Well! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? So I returned to the loving embrace of my blog with a review of [FILM] Fifty Shades of Grey, which confused a few people, but trust me, nobody more so than I. I promise that next week the Spew will go a little more high-brow. I’m thinking of trialling a new segment wherein I publish some written smutty clinches that feature some prominent film bloggers. Bloggers that I may or may not know.

It goes without saying that during my near nine months of absence (that’s a suspicious amount of months, really), I have missed a lot. It’s nigh on impossible to catch up completely, but I’ve tried to come to grips with my lapse and will continue to do so. For the night that’s in it, and in honour of the many fabulous movie bloggers that I have the pleasure of knowing, this week’s Sunday Shout-Outs will focus on film and their roles in our lives.

First up, fancy some provocative tunage? Ruth from FlixChatter has compiled this epic list of her Top Ten Favourite Oscar-Winning Film Scores. An enjoyable soundtrack collection to accompany my senses as I type. Award-winning music should never be overlooked. Bloggers with knowledge far superior to my own endeavour to take on all of the Oscar nominees before the grand reveal, and none more so than Adam from Consumed by Film has accomplished this impressive feat. Every single Best Film nomination has been reviewed and dissected, including his own Final Predictions.

My pug-pal Cara has also been busy posting her Oscar-related reviews in the run-up to the big night. Over at Silver Screen Serenade you’ll find a wide variety of films that have received nods; including the amazing Birdman for Best Picture and Guardians of the Galaxy (hooked!) for Visual Effects. The Fluff Is Raging‘s Niall (AKA NiMac) gives us his Oscars 2015: Final Predictions, as does The Cinema Monster‘s Joseph with his 87th Academy Awards Nominees & Predictions. I’m watching closely, lads.

Last year was a big year for film in my opinion. So many surprises, wonderful works and mega blockbusters. No list is quite as close to my own Top Ten of 2014 as Tim‘s is. Check out his Top Ten and revel in his awesomely geeky taste. Zoë from the Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger too had a brilliantly extensive list, with Top 20 Movies of 2014: Part 1 & Part 2, which is definitely worth a look if for nothing else than to ensure you’ve seen everything you should have from last year.

Wanna see something cool? Luke from the Oracle of Film organised a Fantasy Acting League. It was open to anyone who wanted to take part, and all we had to do was pick three actors and actresses to have on our Fantasy Team (it was harder than I thought it would be), and he would do the rest. Personally, I found the whole process even more exciting than my fantasy football leagues. Probably because I have no idea really how Luke’s point system works; it looks involved and complicated and I’ll just take his word for it when he tells me that I win in the end. He also promised me that for my prize I can compile a very “special” Drunk Quiz (™) for him.

I missed so many of you in the Shout-Out, I know, but I will find you. And I will link you. But for now, I need to back away slowly before someone realises that this is actually technically a Monday Spew and I just don’t think I could cope with the implications of that right now.

As is tradition, I will leave you with this painfully adorbs pug pic. Oh, how I have missed this. This one comes to you courtesy of Zoë from the Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger (whenever I say that aloud it comes out as “Sparonicles”), who couldn’t pass it up. Can’t say I blame her.




Have you anything to add? Tell me your news below!


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84 replies

  1. I’m on board for anything with Baccarin in it. She’s the voice of reverse flash’s computer system on The Flash. She’s also Gordon’s new love interest in Gotham. I’m not even into Gotham, I just look up whenever she’s on.

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    • I think she’s pretty fab myself! I had no idea she was in Gotham though, I stopped watching it a while back. Might have to maybe revisit it. You’re right, she has a great voice too.


  2. I’ve been neglecting movies as of late. My fourth kid has cut my free time in half, but I’ll make an attempt to do some catching up since my kids, except my newborn of course, are at my mom’s house for a few days. I’ll definitely look at some of these links you posted up too.

    As far as X-men goes I try not to think about how horrible those movies are. I have yet to see a real X-men movie.

    I would love to see Indiana Jones rebooted as long as it’s done right. Just keep Shia LaBeouf stays away from it I’ll be happy.

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  3. thanks for the shout-out! watching the show now .. so far i’m doing okay with my predictions .. and travolta didn’t mess up any names

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  4. great to see you back V. you’ve been missed. :(

    looking forward to your future posts

    cant wait to see if they reboot Indy, would be cool (even without Ford)

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  5. Thanks a bunch V! Pity Boyhood didn’t win Best Picture/Director. :(


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    • Lot of us quite surprised by that one, Adam! And you’re most welcome, I found it hard to get through all of the Best Pic nominations this year. Serious respect to those who actually managed to review them so well, too!

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  6. Welcome back V! Got to say I’m not too sure about the big Alien news, wasn’t a big fan of District 9 or Elysium but hope it works out…

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    • Hey Chris! How you doing!? I rather liked District 9, but was really underwhelmed with Elysium, it felt so… “meh”. I think though that if this is done right it could mean really good things for Blomkamp, and I rather like the artwork he’s produced, so at least the vision is there. And he wants to bring back Ripley and Hicks. Not sure if that will happen, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. (And hope!)


      • Hey Miss V, very well thank you! Definitely agree about Elysium, it started off well but ultimately fell flat…’Chappie’ does look interesting though! Bringing back Ripley is a no-brainer but does bringing back Hicks mean that mean anything after Aliens will be ignored? Uh oh, the nerd gears grind haha!

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        • Well rumour has it that Blomkamp intends his Alien to be “a genetic sibling” to Aliens. Meaning it will happen some time after Aliens, in the same timeline, if you get me, but essentially not acknowledging the occurrences of 3 and 4. At least, that’s my understanding of it. Basically I’m taking it to mean we should just ignore Alien 3 and Alien Res and pretend they never happened, because Ripley (and possibly Hicks) will be returning, so Ripley never died on that prison colony and was never cloned in space.


  7. Well, it’s about time Stewart & Mckellen stopped milking those characters hahaha.

    I read that Momoas Aquaman will have less armour, more tattoos, so he’ll be a Water-type Kal Drogo, kinda like a Pokémon.

    I didn’t catch the Oscars, didn’t even know they were coming around. Since I travelled here to London I haven’t done anything fun to be honest. I realized a couple of nights ago that I had spent about 3-4 days without even playing a game. I was going through gamer withdrawals. It’s even worse with TV and Film.

    I’m intrigued and cautious about the Alien thing, I want to see more before I get hyped. Same with the now reported TWO Ghosbusters films, the all-female cast one and the newly rumoured/announced 2nd one running in parallel. I need to see more before I judge hahaha

    Awesome spew!


  8. Your writing and links are fab, but I do love those pics you end with too :)

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  9. Excellent links V, glad to see this feature back.

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  10. I would love to see Indiana Jones back in action! Not sure about Chris Pratt assuming the role. I mean, he was great in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he falls a few too many clicks north of goofy. But who knows, he could be awesome. As long as Shia is kept in a cage somewhere far away from the set, I’ll be happy.

    I’ll join in the choruses of “welcome back!” Looking forward to more great spew. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know Cary I had similar thoughts about Pratt myself! He’s certainly the man of the moment, isn’t he? I guess we’ll see how his performance fares in Jurassic World, see if he can shed some of that goof.

      Shia being kept in a cage made me smile like a loon. I hope he’s still in the cage Sia made him for that mental music video he did with the kid from Dance Moms.

      And thank you! I’m looking forward to catching up over at Recollections of Play!

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  11. Hell, even I don’t understand my points system, so I wouldn’t worry about it haha.

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    • I remember doing a FF league in work once and by the end of the first month the spreadsheet was a corrupted mess. I ended up tallying everything on pieces of paper. Retro. I’m really looking forward to seeing how everyone is doing though!

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  12. You’re back!!! YUM!!!

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  13. Huzzah! The pugs have returned. How I missed them.

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  14. Ah, fantastic uh… Sunday *cough* Monday spew!

    Sparonicles!! I love it, I will have to remember that one :P

    Can’t say I am overly enamoured with the Indiana Jones news. It is a TRILOGY to me, and that is all it should be.

    Glad to have you back and looking forward to seeing some more pugs in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES. It’s a trilogy. A classic trilogy that we can re-watch at any time and still love. We’ve had to become very good at separation lately with all these reboots, sequels and prequels. Otherwise Disney and their ilk could just end up destroying our childhood memories. Evil.

      And thanks again for this week’s pug! Every time I see that cute little face on my page I get all gooey inside.

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  15. Hello hello miss V! Welcome back to the blogosphere dearest, you’ve been sorely missed!

    Thanks so much for the link love, so honored and glad you love John Williams too!

    Lots of juicy bits here. I’m kind of meh about ALIEN at this point I’d have to say, even tho I was a big fan of District 9 and Sharlto Copley. But I was disappointed w/ Elysium.

    Spielberg + Chris Pratt in the next Indy installment is all right by me! Hey, much better pick there than Shia.

    Ooooh Pug in a Tub, too much cuteness!! You should see Kingsman pronto, the pug in that movie is so freakin’ adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My thanks, Ruth! And you’re most welcome. I loved that music post.

      I was very disappointed with Elysium, too. For a couple of different reasons. And while I thought it looked fantastic, it just didn’t work for me. But I was a fan of District 9 and I think I’m liking Blomkamp’s Alien concepts so far, so I guess there’s nothing else for us to do but wait and see. If it turns out well, great, we’ll get a decent Alien film again. If not we can erase it from memory and go back to watching the original two. :D

      Ugh. Anyone but Shia. Looking forward to seeing how Pratt does in Jurassic World!

      How adorbs is that little fella!? I’d been unsure whether or not to wait for DVD for Kingsman, but since I’ve found out that there is actually a pug in it, I think I’ll have to go and see it this weekend. :D Thanks for stopping by, Ruth!


  16. I think that any girl who can’t wait for “The Force Awakens”, “Jurassic World”, and “The Age of Ultron” is a goddess. I just can’t say it any clearer than that. :)

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  17. The Spew is BACK!!! This makes me so happy!!! And OH MY GAWD THAT PUG!!! Yes, pug-pal, it is simply glorious having you back around. Thank you so much for the shoutout! You are too sweet! Yes to all of these awesome things people are doing, and yes to all of this NEWS! Jason Mamoa and his badass tatted self…I really hope this Justice League stuff works out because they all LOOK so cool. And can I just say how psyched I am that Nightcrawler’s returning to the X-Men movies?? Alan Cumming’s Nightcrawler is, like, quite possibly my favorite X-Man ever. I have high hopes. I’m still not 100% on Pratt as Indy (even though I love him to pieces), but I did happen to see a pic that photoshopped his face into Indy’s getup. He looks…damn fine.

    …Wait, what was I talking about? ;)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVED Alan Cumming’s Nightcrawler, too! I’m super curious to see what they’re planning to do with this younger incarnation.

      Pratt looking fine in Indy’s getup, eh? Hmmm. This could help with the misgivings. To be honest he wouldn’t spring to mind when thinking of a possible Indiana Jones reboot, but we’ll just have to wait and see how sexy he looks as the young archaeologist before we judge. ;)

      Whips and smexy hats and lopsided grins, oh my. What were we talking about? :D

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  18. Great to see you back lovely.
    Haha, I had forgotten all about salad fingers until you mentioned it.
    That pug is absolutely adorable :D
    Hugs x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Salad Fingers… *shudder* I’ll never forget the first time I encountered him. :D

      Thanks Rhio, it’s great to see you too. Hope all is going well with you and your wee clan. Xx


      • They are indeed! Things are actually going well, so been using this time to be very productive for once! Yay! :) Hope alls well with you lovely xx

        Liked by 1 person

        • Ah, that’s brilliant to hear. Are you up to date with TWD? Played anything lately worth recommending? Also, did you ever have a go of Dragon Age? I’ve been meaning to do a DA post for aaages. I still haven’t finished Inquisition (70+ hours so far), but I’ve been enjoying it.


          • Yes! TWD first few episodes made me sad! Looking forward to the 90 minute episode at the end of the season! Hoping this new place they arrived at isn’t as horrible as all the other places! What did you think?

            I keep meaning to buy DA:Inquisition. I desperately need something to carry me over until Mass Effect 4 comes out. I need some money though and I’m really looking forward to Borderlands coming out for Xbox One and Battlefield Hardline. Aside from CoD AW zombies, I’ve not been playing anything new, been focusing on my comics and stuff for the last few weeks. Yay for productivity! Haha.
            70+ hours, man, Bioware games are such value for money aren’t they?! :)

            Liked by 1 person

            • They were sad, indeed. Having two deaths in the group like that, one after the other, was tough going. I’m seriously curious about this new community. I’m loving the direction they’re taking with it, some great character development for the group going on. Last night’s episode was really good.

              Yup, 70+ hours in, and I’m still nowhere near finished. When it comes to BW games though, I’m a total completionist. I know others have completed the main story and companion missions a hell of a lot quicker than me, but I HAVE to do EVERYTHING. :D I’d imagine I’ll hit 100 hours before I’m done.

              I think you’d love this kind of game, but I’d definitely recommend starting with Dragon Age Origins first. Like with ME, there is so much lore to these games. Plus, there are more than a couple of kinks/issues with DA:I since launch, I think waiting for them to be ironed out and waiting for it to become more affordable is definitely what I’d recommend.

              Great to hear you’re focusing so much on your comics! Yay for productivity! You’ll be well deserving of your break from all the work once you get your hands on Borderlands. ;D


  19. Thanks for the mention. Salad Finger’s rusty spoons, Why? Oh god why!

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  20. *smacks lips* “What do you taste like Hubert Cumberdale?”

    I’m like you with Alien. I hope Blomkamp does it justice. He has great style, but sometimes his story telling isn’t the best. I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it turns out great.

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Scrub that mud off at once Hubert Cumberdale, I’ll have no dirty immigrants in my house.” D:

      Any plans to see Chappie? I’ve seen a few conflicting reviews. I like Blomkamp’s style too, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see! It’s a move that will probably have consequences if he doesn’t pull it off.


  21. It’s great to have you back V!
    I’m sure I’ll think of something movie-related later but for now…PUG!

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Well… as you know, when you ask me what I think I tell you that as always, I don’t care a shite for movies, video, tv or games but I do care about you always making me laugh!!

    So, here’s me reading this post a month after my birthday and wishing I’d woken to reading your post on that morning… just to be able to read you telling your blog to assume the position!!

    The mental imagery that created would make that 50 whatever colours pale into insignificance!!! As always… I’m smiling now… while commenting and waiting for your retort!! ;-) Long may you blog!! ;-)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well a very, very belated birthday to you, my friend. As per your suggestion over on the other post, I am now drinking wine (a delicious Malbec), and shall raise a glass to your birthday and, “What’s another year?”. And it was such a beautiful day today too that I may have to raise another glass in celebration of same. After that, I’ll find something else to raise a glass to, until the bottle is gone, then I may have a gin and tonic because it would be rude not to give thanks in general for the invention of juniper berries.


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